My coworker gave this to me, because he hopes to cure my insomnia with tea? lol
I’m a bit surprised that this doesn’t contain valerian, I feel like last time I tried a sleepy tea from this company (way back in college), it did contain valerian, so I was super careful with it.
The wrapper is a plastic lined paper envelope, ugh.
The dry leaf is more minty smelling, and less chamomile than the sleepy time tea by celestial seasonings. See Kevin, I do drink sleepy teas…
The steep time is 10-15 min, and then SQUEEZE the teabag. :/
Maybe I’ll update this tomorrow with how I slept, maybe I won’t.
I shall keep this away from my cat, because of the catnip. What is passionflower herb?

NCCIH says that passionflower was historically used as a mild sedative, and may cause doziness. There was some small studies to see if its sedative properties could help with anxiety, but it was ruled that the studies were too small to conclude anything.
Hop strobile is maybe the stamen of the hops flower? The same hops as is used to brew beer (I actually hate the flavor of hops, it’s too bitter for me, I prefer malty beer). Hops may be a mild sedative, help with anxiety and used by people with sleep disorders. Maybe I should learn to like IPA.
Linden flower tea is sometimes used for calming effects in infants. I’m just googling these ingredients randomly at this point. I can tell you that I am not an infant and I probably need a stronger dose than an infant.

It’s interesting how they list how many mg of each herb is in the teabag. The leaf is coarsely ground. It’s hard for me to want teabags after years of loose leaf. By the way, if you haven’t tried Adagio’s Cha Cha yet, it’s like a mintier sleepytime (CS), but it’s loose leaf and you can see all the pretty flowers and such.

Maybe I should have saved this sample for a night where I’m still staring at the ceiling at 3am, not when I’m just waiting around at 11pm, but 11pm is such a more reasonable bedtime.

It doesn’t really taste like much, despite the long brew time. I just left the bag in there, it can keep steeping, I don’t think it’ll oversteep. I can smell the orange oil a little bit, and it’s got a very mild back of the throat mint feeling. Like you walk past a garden and you catch a hint of mint on the breeze, that’s how mild this is.
Oops, this says to have 2-3 cups late in the day, including at least one 30 mins before bed.
But can you even resteep? Or do they mean for us to use 2-3 teabags per evening? I’m not down for that. Too much waste, but also I only have the one sample.

Eh and now it’s past midnight and bleh. Doesn’t feel that different?

Boiling 8 min or more 8 OZ / 236 ML

A variety of this tea that does contain valerian exists somewhere out there.

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A variety of this tea that does contain valerian exists somewhere out there.

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