The other week, I walked all the way to Bayswater from the downtown hostel (was in town for a show) to load up on these teas I was so in love with back when I lived on the Island. I swear it’s not just me, but I feel like the majority of the black teas in their gigantic canisters were on the older side. This tea just doesn’t smell the same. More chemically and a tad stale? Plus the chocolate bits have a white film on them, indicating that the tea has been sitting. Maybe they aren’t as popular as they were five years ago?

More importantly, in terms of flavour, the base does taste a little dusty or dare I say cardboardy. The coffee flavour is there but there is an odd chemical undertone, but not sure what it’s from. I grabbed 100g out of nostalgia in spite of the tea not smelling like it used to in the canister. Now I’m hoping I won’t be regretting that soon.

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