drank Gourmet Root Beer by 52teas
1792 tasting notes

Mmm, root beer. This tea is the perfect example of why I love root beer so much. I’ve loved it as a kid but could never figure out why other than the sarsaparilla. I thought that was all it had going for it, but it wasn’t until I tried a gourmet root beer later on (and not just the Hires, MUG, A&W, etc) that was not only root beer in stereo, but allowed me to taste other things in there too. Holy shit, there’s wintergreen in root beer traditionally? And star anise too? And clove? That’s what really made me understand why it’s the bomb, because
I love these things too. So blah blah blah, this tea is all that too. I can taste the star anise, a touch of sweet licorice root, star anise, cloves, and even vanilla. Not the wintergreen as much as the gourmet root beer I had for that first time, but still, this tea reminds me of good root beer! So Anne, you really nailed it here creating a tea that reflects a gourmet root beer.

I’ve only had this hot, without any additives so far but I’m curious to see what it would taste like with milk for a root beer float vibe, and of course, iced. Now that I have more room in my freezer, I popped in my ice cube tray and am looking forward to trying that out soon.

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