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Sipdown! Finally updated my cupboard with the teas my boyfriend picked up for me in Europe last month so it’s high time I polish off some older ones. My neighbours were obnoxiously loud last night, so between their karaoke, random continual tap-dance-like sounds, and LULZ giggling and squealing like ZOMG, waking up at 6am this morning really sucked especially when I’ve been getting mostly later shifts which have me usually coming home past 11pm. So needless to say, I have a numb, sleep-deprived brain, which has become the norm over the past half year with this erratic work schedule, and I’m hoping that drinking a ton of coffee and tea will at least do something (but, let’s face it, it won’t).

I recall really liking this one when I first got it. I loved the stronger allspice and citrus in here, like drinking a spicier version of liquidated cola bottle gummies. But these last two cups were too sweet for my liking, understandably since a lot of the added sweetener (plus licorice root for a double whammy) sank to the bottom. So overtime, emphasis shifted from the Spice to the Sugar. Most definitely a pleasure to have in my cupboard but I’ve finally had my fill.

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