drank Caramel Chai by Bigelow
1792 tasting notes

Ooh, this one is a pleasant surprise. The dry tea bag smells underwhelming, like your typical cheap bagged chai tea. Where’s the caramel? But the caramel comes through in the flavour. The smell and taste of the steeped tea is truly caramel spice. I think I’m getting ginger and clove more than any other spice, but what’s really cool is the molasses in here. I normally can’t stand molasses, but it really works here. It blends effortlessly with the caramel flavour.

I just got my mom to take a sip and she said that it reminds her of gingerbread. But of course! Between the dominant ginger and molasses, that makes perfect sense.

It’s funny how I initially thought I was going to like the Vanilla Chai the most out of the three (Vanila, Chocolate, and Caramel), especially since someone gifted me a tea bag a few years ago and I loved it then, but I’m actually digging the other two more. Thanks to 8igelow for sending these out!

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