This was the other free sample that I chose. In the pouch, it’s hard to differentiate the spices from each other. Everything has been chopped up and the only ingredients I can distinguish are the orange peels and cinnamon bark. Alright, let’s give this a whirl on the stove.

I let this simmer on the stove for about twenty minutes, then added not quite a teaspoon of brown sugar. The colour of the steeped tea looks wonderfully dark and rich. I microwaved around half a cup of 2% milk and filled up the rest with the chai.

I know this doesn’t sound helpful, but it basically tastes like all other chai teas that I’ve had at Indian restaurants. The spices are there but none of them have a voice. I guess I’m not being fair because I always compare every chai to the ones made at this chai bar in Edmonton called Remedy. Seriously the best chai ever. Nothing like it. They import all their spices from India and use around 30 different spices in their blends. So yeah, almost all chai teas pale in comparison.

I normally drink my tea plain, without any milk or sugar, so I’m sorry to say that this was a waste of calories. But! The other tea that I’ve tried from this company is fabulous, so don’t let this discourage you from checking them out. I’m just picky little chai freak.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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