I’ve been drinking this one for a while and never logged it, although I thought I did. Anyways. This one was so good that I had to re-buy it, but I can’t really say what compelled me to buy it in the first place. Cherry flavored anything makes me leery because it’s not usually done right. But since it is a gunpowder base, which is a stronger green tea, I figured it would hold up to whatever was being added to it. But it was a green tea. So, I more or less bought it on a whim.

I wasn’t disappointed. The first I tried it I got too many cherries in my scoop and the first two brewings tasted a little too tart, these aren’t sweet cherries. But after the second steeping the cup rounded out very nicely. The cherry is very present but not in a bad way, it doesn’t taste fake or cough syrupy at all. The almond lends a nice smooth nuttiness to the cup helping to balance out the tartness of the cherry. The gunpowder base held up nicely and was still present through the additions.

After having buggered up the first time I tried again a few days later with a better balanced scoop and all I can say is it was yummy. The flavors blend wonderfully, no flavor overpowers the tea.

The other thing I really love about this tea is that it brews several times, I would say upward of ten times. It’s amazing, and it holds up great in a travel mug!

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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I’m an avid tea drinker, it’s what I drink all day and why I’m here. I don’t sweeten my teas except for the occasional iced tea or cold-brewed tea. I typically brew my teas with a brew basket in a 12 oz cup. If I brew another way I will always note it.

Dislikes: black teas, milk flavored oolongs, hibiscus, red rooibos, licorice, dessert teas, mate, guayusa.

Loves: straight teas, especially Chinese green teas, sencha, jasmine, dan congs, mint, coconut.

My ratings are based mostly on the smiley faces. If a tea is of good quality but not to my taste preference I try not to rate it because I think that is unfair.

I drink a lot of the same teas and will not record every time I drink them. I log them the first time I try them and then again if I did something different and/or got different results.

I also try to keep my cupboard updated to what I actually have for those that wish to swap, although some of them are merely samples.

100 – http://steepster.com/teas/verdant-tea/32720-hand-rolled-top-grade-jasmine



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