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drank Thai Rooibos by Harney & Sons
174 tasting notes

I bought this because I fell in love with the Bangkok Green Tea that H&S has and I’ve been looking for a good rooibos. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. When I first opened the tin I was immediately blasted by the scent of cinnamon. I like cinnamon but I know that it can quickly overtake anything else it is paired with. That is more or less the case with this. I can taste the red rooibos, cinnamon, a decent kick of the ginger but barely even a hint of the coconut. The cinnamon definitely takes the show in this one and I tried adding some peppermint to help cool down the cinnamon, and it did help a little. As much as I want to love this I do not think I will be buying more when I run out, there are better flavored rooibos out there.

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drank Snow Dragon by Harney & Sons
174 tasting notes

First opening it and smelling it, it smells like fresh air on a nice spring day. I can’t get over it, I love the way it smells dry. After brewing it the smell changes and becomes more earthy, not grassy, there is a little bit of the cooked greens smell, but not a lot, still very light. It doesn’t taste like a traditional green tea, and I like that. It taste like it smells: fresh, clean, and slightly earthy. Definitely making a few more cups out of this today.

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Another one I had received in a gift set, but I had enjoyed it so much that I keep buying it. It probably helps that jasmine pearls is my favorite tea, At first sniff (dry) it is predominantly oolong and jasmine, I can’t say I can smell the white tea in it at all, same with after having brewed it. Although when drinking it I can get a hint of the white tea, not much. The oolong and jasmine dominate this one in every aspect, but they blend well together. I usually get 3-4 steepings out of this one and it is a staple in my cupboard.

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Anthony Bazic

Its quite an investment to buy white tea, but a investment worthy of each sip if you ask me:) I especially love the silver needles and pearls that have a peculiar delicate combination of flavors that no one can’t get out of some teas besides Pu=Erh , and what more it can take in more infusions and even drink it at night! I like personally like how how white tea can still be enjoyable in late hours and not pay for it afterwords. Just perfect!

Invader Zim

Typically when i drink white tea (almost always Silver Needles) I drink it by itself or mixed with Jasmine Phoenix Pearls or some peppermint. I find that anything stronger, like oolong, will over power it and like you said it is quite an investment, one I’d rather not waste mixed with a stronger tea. But for whatever reason, perhaps it’s the ratio used in the Mind + Body, I just love the way they all taste together, and the hint of the white tea makes you slow down and really enjoy it.

Anthony Bazic

You said it! Kudos to the tea growers, an art well appreciable and time honored that really gives care and love in to every leaves they grow! Every cent worth not a drop a dime to disappoint.

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drank Six Summits by Teavana
174 tasting notes

I received 2oz of this in a gift package. I am not a huge raspberry fan as I often find it too tart, but his is a good oolong, and the berries don’t overwhelm it at all. There are berry fillers in with the oolong and not just added flavoring, I’d say a 60/40 ratio in favor of the oolong. The first cup has a stronger berry taste and it fades with each cup and the oolong getting stronger in turn. So even if the first cup has too much berry in it, I find that a rinse will help mellow it out. I do enjoy this tea, and I probably will buy it again in the future but it’s not going to be a staple in my stash either.

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I’m an avid tea drinker, it’s what I drink all day and why I’m here. I don’t sweeten my teas except for the occasional iced tea or cold-brewed tea. I typically brew my teas with a brew basket in a 12 oz cup. If I brew another way I will always note it.

Dislikes: black teas, milk flavored oolongs, hibiscus, red rooibos, licorice, dessert teas, mate, guayusa.

Loves: straight teas, especially Chinese green teas, sencha, jasmine, dan congs, mint, coconut.

My ratings are based mostly on the smiley faces. If a tea is of good quality but not to my taste preference I try not to rate it because I think that is unfair.

I drink a lot of the same teas and will not record every time I drink them. I log them the first time I try them and then again if I did something different and/or got different results.

I also try to keep my cupboard updated to what I actually have for those that wish to swap, although some of them are merely samples.

100 – http://steepster.com/teas/verdant-tea/32720-hand-rolled-top-grade-jasmine



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