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This is less like tea and more like a fruity-tea-juice-beverage. But its also very delicious, and makes for either a nice refreshing start to the day, or a mid-day ‘oh my god school is fucking terrible’ refresher.

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The best of the bunch I bought. I love a jasmine tea that isn’t too sweet and overpoweringly floral, and this is a great example of that. It has a distinct green tea flavor with just the right about of jasmine for me.

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Better than the Precious White Peach, which I bought at the same time, but still not quite there. I may try making iced tea with what I have left and hope that improves the taste.

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This tea smells SO much better than it tastes. The smell is absolutely heavenly, and the taste is just….bland. Not at all what I was expecting. I doubt I will buy this particular blend again.

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Likewise as the Fireside Chai, I think this one would benefit from the milk tea treatment.

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A nice chai tea, but I think I would like it much better as a milk tea, which I have never attempted making by myself. Merits further experimenting.

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Far and away one of my favorite teas ever. Its sweet on its own and tastes like candy with some milk and sugar. Its a beautiful color, has a pleasant aroma, and is one of the first teas I really fell in love with. If I’m ever without this one in my cupboard, I am one sad-ass panda until I get more.

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Not as good as my favorite apricot tea, but this is a nicely sweet tea with just a teeny little bite from the ginger. I only had a sample tin of this, so I’d like to get some more. Its a nice tea to drink if you have a stomach ache, but don’t like an overwhelming taste of ginger.

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This is one of my all-time favorite teas, and I have only ever been able to find a sample tin of it. T_T I weep forever that I cannot find more in stores. Its such a wonderful and delicious improvement on an already excellent classic.

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