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drank Gemini - duplicate by Adagio Teas
123 tasting notes


Adagio’s White Peach was #2 favorite from that company, after their WONDERFUL Blueberry black tea. However, I think it’s been bumped down by the Gemini blend. Mixing in White Monkey and White Peony tones the fruitiness down without weakening the flavor…does that make sense? It becomes more subtle and sophisticated, i think, instead of screaming “I am a peachy piece of peachiness!” to your tongue.

I don’t usually pay much attention to astrological signs, but this tea blend suits me so wonderfully (yes, I am a Gemini) that I might have to start reading horoscopes every morning :-p

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drank Blackberry by Adagio Teas
123 tasting notes

I’m a little disappointed with Adagio’s Blackberry Tea.

For starters, the blackberry flavor is really light. I could hardly taste it when the tea was hot; as it cooled the flavor became more noticeable but it never became the focal point of the beverage. It remained a subtle hint of blackberry in the background of a standard black tea. On the plus side, it was definitely blackberry – not raspberry or strawberry.

The tea was also pretty sensitive. I over-steeped it by a minute, a minute and a half max but that was too long. It was quite bitter.

I am glad I bought the tea, because I think it’ll be good for experimenting. It may yet make a decent iced tea, since the flavor seems to come out more at a cooler temperature.

6 min, 0 sec

I find it interesting that you say a black tea that is over steeped by 1.5min and ends up being quite bitter is “pretty sensitive”… I do realize that there is a lot of variation in personal preference when it comes to tea, but a 1-1.5 min overage seems like it’s a lot and I’d expect the chances of bitterness to go up. Do you normally like your blacks in the 6-6.5 min range? Maybe what they used to flavor it got bitter on you?


Haha, I’m a careless chronic oversteeper so I’m used to steeping a 5-minute tea for 8+ minutes all the time. Usually they’re still OK; maybe a little bit more bitter but not to the point where it’s undrinkable or completely blocking the flavor. So yeah, something that stops working at the 6 minute mark seems pretty sensitive to me, but I suppose for most people that seems like a weird comment!


I’m very type A with my steeping times so yeah it was a little hard for me to understand. Thanks for explaining where you’re coming from:)

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drank Muscat by Lupicia
123 tasting notes

I associate muscat flavoring with gummi candy. Don’t know why. Wait – yes I do. I used to eat tons of Japanese candy as a kid, and their grape flavor isn’t that weird syrup nastiness found in American candy, but the muscat flavor. That must be the source of the association.

So this is very sweet. Almost cloyingly so. But the black tea tempers it well and prevents the brew from being overwhelming. Like other people have commented, sometimes it can make you think of bubblegum. Definitely has an artificial ring to it.

5 min, 0 sec

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drank Comforting by Aveda
123 tasting notes

To me, this is an incredibly relaxing tea. I was first introduced to it – as were most of its fans, I think – at one of Aveda’s retail stores. You walk in, and the first thing the sales associate does is offer you a cup of this tisane. At the time, I was very unfamiliar with herbal teas, so the sweetness of this really surprised me. I mean, I could recognize the peppermint “tingle” but the other herbs were completely new to me at the time.

This is a great blend for relaxing. The licorice stands out as the dominant flavor, but it is pretty well blended into a sweet, refreshing brew. Not sweet like sugar, but a more natural form of sweetness. Very smooth, very nice.

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drank Sweet Dreams by Lupicia
123 tasting notes

This is interesting. Good sleepy-time tea. The chamomile is definitely the dominate note, and makes for a mellow brew. But then the ginger comes sidling up to you and makes your tongue tingle, but just as you become aware of its spiciness it’s neutralized by the light sweetness of apple.

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So I looked on the SBS Teas website and couldn’t find this tea, and my (admittedly half-assed) attempts to locate a description didn’t turn anything up. Oh well. I mean, the name’s fairly self-explanatory, right? Strawberries and Kiwis. Fairly fruity, I should think.

The dry leaves smell strongly of strawberry.

You know how some teas age better than others? It seems that way in my experience; the tin of jasmine tea I bought in Chinatown tasted the same as the day I bought it when sampled several years later, but my favorite Valentine’s blend from Adagio often loses much of its flavor over the course of a year. This ‘Strawberry Kiwi Tropicana’ falls into the latter category; as I drink it hot and fresh I can’t taste anything remotely kiwi. Heck, I can barely taste the strawberry.

As it cools the fruity flavor becomes a little stronger. It’s strawberry, but a tarter, greener berry. It’s like those orange strawberries that just aren’t ripe yet but pickers hide them at the bottom of your box.

It doesn’t taste bad, it’s just pretty meh. I think that’s simply because the flavor’s never strong. I’d rank this at a ‘weak teabag’ level.

200 °F / 93 °C 6 min, 0 sec

The first paragraph made me laugh. I think it was your half ass attempt to look for the description =P

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drank Peach Oolong by SBS Teas
123 tasting notes

For what it’s worth, the image/ingredients list of this tea mentions that there will be dried peach pieces in the tea, and in my bag of it not a peach bit appears.

This was a very vegetable-like peach tea. By this, I guess I mean that while there is a note that would definitely be peachish, it’s not a sweet tea. It reminds me more of an extremely mild asparagus or broccoli, with a bit of peach juice dribbled on the side.

I haven’t tasted a peach tea like this before, so in a way it’s nice. ‘Peach Oolong’ from SBS Teas doesn’t taste like the syrupy sweet tea you get pre-bottled from the major beverage companies (‘enhanced’ with mountains of high fructose corn syrup) or the lighter, fresher flavor found in Adagio’s blends. Trying new flavors is good, right? But it’s not what I was looking for, either. So I feel somewhat disappointed by that.


“vegetable like peach tea” that’s a discription I haven’t heard before:)


I could not figure out how to describe it! It tastes pretty green, but not grassy green and not the green that makes you think of pines or mint. So ‘vegetable’ is apparently the best I could do. But yes, utterly weird in a peach tea. I might have to pop some in the tea box when it comes ’round so someone with a better vocabulary can sort it out.


Maybe “way under ripe?”… I’ve always thought a massively green banana tastes like a cucumber. I was going to ask if you’d be interested in a swap for some of this, but the broccoli terrifies me- I’m afraid this tea might just get a 1 from me lol.


LOL! I only have a small ziploc sample bag of it, and it’s about half full now. If you want it I’ll send it along to you :D I doubt there’s more than 2-3 servings left, but you can see if you taste the veggie/broccoli too :D Or maybe you’ll just decide I’m crazy


Well you may be crazy, but that may or may not be because of this tea!:) lol- just teasing of course.


You aren’t following me so I can’t message you. My email address is in my profile.


I’m not? How the heck did that happen??? Off to fix that NOW!


I kept reading that as “not a dried peach pit appears,” and I kept thinking, but isn’t that a good thing? Took me a second there.

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I received a teabag of this stuff in a traveling tea box (not the one currently circulating Steepster) and it fills me with dread. As a kid, I never liked bitter melon, and the idea that someone would grind one up and use it for a tisane grosses me out. But, since childhood I have learned to enjoy broccoli and to tolerate squash, so perhaps this won’t be as bad as I fear.

(Note: Supposedly this stuff will help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Not that mine are abnormal in any way, but I thought I’d mention it. I only have the one teabag so I wouldn’t be able to monitor long term effects, anyway.)

Smells kinda like roasted rice. Hmmm. Unexpected.

Tastes kinda like genmai-cha, but without the green tea. So toasty rice. I can taste the ghost of the melon I so dreaded as a kid, but the dehydration process seems to have tamed it. It’s not nearly as gross as I expected.

That said, it’s not pleasant or tasty, either. It leaves an almost…dusty? aftertaste after I swallow. This isn’t something you drink for the taste, but for the health benefits. But to be honest, if I was worried about my blood sugar I’d find a tastier way to fix it!

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This is a very interesting blend of tea. (Tisane to you herbal-free purists.) Every sip seems to reveal a new flavor. My first sip, when the tea is piping hot, is very creamy. The strong almond flavor makes me think of marzipan. It feels very smooth on the tongue.

As the tea cools, the hibiscus in the blend (nearly invisible at the beginning) grows in strength. It’s as if it floats to the surface, for it remains a top note, the tangy tip of the flavor iceberg. The middle notes are chocolate, that lovely almond, and the hint of something fruity. Perhaps the apple or the pear?

Now that the tea is cold, the blood orange’s citrus tang rises to the surface with the ever stronger hibiscus presence. Interesting.

6 min, 0 sec

I don’t drink tisanes solo, but this would be… get ready… wait for it… absolutely fabulous blended w/ a green or white tea!


Hmmm…I actually have some silver needle around somewhere. Might have to try that!

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drank Fruity Russian Caravan by SBS Teas
123 tasting notes

“The base teas are Assam and Keemun; the addition of Chinese Lychee tea…and small amounts of Lapsang offer a hint of smokiness.”

HINT of smokiness my @$$! (I felt bad cussing in my review.)
My quest for lychee once again goes awry. This blend sounded like it had the potential to be very interesting, with the fruitiness of lychee and the other black teas to mitigate the terrifying Lapsang Souchong, but unfortunately the smoky flavor dominates the cup.

This will be jumping into that traveling tea box whenever it finally makes its way to me, for sure!


Fruit in a russian caravan? That’s something I’d never have thought of. o.O

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

Fruity and smokey does not sound like a good combo.

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