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Recently I went with a friend to DavidsTea in West Edmonton Mall. She wanted to get some teas for her new tea cup she got as a holiday gift. At this time I was snobbish, never wanting anything but my Red Rose with sugar and milk. I decided to show some interest in the teas they had, really it is very impressive, a whole wall full of canisters holding teas I never thought existed.

The lady at the counter ask me how she could help me and at first I was embarrassed, what do I ask for? I knew nothing about teas and not only that but these teas where all loose teas. I blushed lightly and told her that I really did not know, that I was a Red Rose gal and drank nothing else. Thank goodness she was so amazing, all she did was smile sweetly and ask me if I liked black teas, herbal and so on. That was something I did know, I love black teas, after all that’s what Red Rose is, maybe this wasn’t so hard.

I told her I didn’t like herbals. That I had yet to find one I liked. I went on further to tell her I enjoy tea with a little sugar and milk. Becoming very serious she asked me if I had any allergies, this threw me off guard, why would they ask this? Because they have such a large selection of teas they keep allergies very much at mind. I was so impressed as I have a weird and as far as I know, some what rare allergy to cinnamon.

Off she went, grabbing this canister and that canister, when she was done I think she carried over, at once, 7 canisters of teas. What followed is not what you would expect, she told me the tea name and its ingredients and opened a compartment on the top. It was a rather shallow compartment with maybe 2-3 table spoons of tea. Awkwardly I stared at her, I mean it looked nice but I didn’t know why she was showing me. Thankfully she told me to go ahead and take a sniff.

A sniff? What kind of place was this? Shrugging I decided, what the heck why not? Oh the smells! Some of them I didn’t like, others I wanted to marry on the spot! What an amazing experience it was. Never in all my life had I ever done something like this and I didn’t want it to end. Sadly all good things come to an end and I had to make up my mind, what tea did I want.

I decided on two, Fantasy Island and La La Lemon.

I am so glad I went and will be going again soon.



Hi waves like a mad woman

Let see a bio, well I’m currently 26. I am happily married to my best friend who puts up with way too much of my silliness. We have 3 amazing kids, though sometimes they like to push that to amazingly insane but I still love them.

I’m a stay at home mom with the side company, I sew small animal bedding :D. I have a few pets, 4 guinea pigs, 1 black cat and a Yellow Belly slider turtle. Yah its a bit of a zoo.

Tea’s I want to try soon:
Almond Naturally Flavoured Black Tea
Irish Breakfast Black Tea
English Evening Black Tea
Egyptian Camomile Herbal Tea
Gynostemma Herbal Tea

I’m sure this this will grow. Right now my shopping cart has 4 teas I have on order that are being shipped to me.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



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