30 Tasting Notes


Tried it with two bags in an effort to give it a second chance and finish the box, and it just doesn’t work for me. Again, it makes a spicy tea with little other flavor besides weak tomato. There is one more bag left, and I will likely save it for a tea and cheese tasting event, paired with basil havarti.

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The bag smells sweeter than it actually tastes. Because of the hibiscus there’s good color (I’ve been noticing lately how many bagged teas use this strategy), and a discernible hibiscus scent. I’d say overall, however, that it doesn’t especially taste like pomegranate, yet the taste of green isn’t so strong as to be bitter either. I didn’t need to use sweetener, but I could see myself drinking this with honey again, ill or not, and it would probably taste good iced. This tisane came in 2nd of the three pomegranate/green combinations I tried while fighting a cold.

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drank Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo
30 tasting notes

I realized exactly what this tasted like during my recent cold: chewable vitamin C. No, honey (an antimicrobial) does not help it go down easier. With this epiphany, I would adjust the rating for flavor to about a 35, but it actually does have some health merit so I’ve left the current rating of 44 intact.


I just reviewed this tea and said the exact same thing: chewable Vitamin C tablets! (Also: boiled orange juice.) Glad I’m not the only one!

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During my recent cold, this was one of several pomegranate/green hybrids I tried. While I still found the aroma of roses very discernible, as well as the scent of pomegranate, I didn’t find that those notes carried into the flavor. It seemed to brew completely differently than when I first had it. Now that could be the fault of stuffy-head stupor, but this time I found it to taste more green than anything else. It was actually the least impressive of the pomegranate/green combinations I had, as well as the least impressive of the Zhena’s sampler it came with (including, in addition, Lemon Jasmine, Ambrosia White Plum, and Sense of Peace).

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drank Awake English Breakfast by Tazo
30 tasting notes

When I was TA-ing and commuting six hours a day, this used to be part of my morning ritual of getting up at 4am to be on campus by 730 and in the classroom by 930. Somehow, I enjoyed drinking 2 large cups of this with vanilla soymilk AND sugar before noon. While I don’t have much to say about it vis-a-vis flavor—it’s pretty regular—I would like to comment on the shakes currently settling into my hands from the strength of the brew. I guess the body gets sensitive as it ages, because I’m not even sure I can finish this cup.

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Not in my cupboard as this is the last bag, I haven’t bothered to review this consistently performing tea because I was sure someone else had. What I would call moderately caffeinated, it has just the right amount of kick to get you going or keep you moving. Like all my black teas, I take it with a bit of milk and sugar, and it’s really a lovely morning treat. Mild and well-rounded, I really can’t wait to get another box (at the right price though, heh-heh).

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Smells wonderful in the cup awaiting water, sweet and spicy. Pairs well with sugar and (soy)milk, but seems kind of weak on the flavor notes. For example, it’s a little spicy, but I can’t say that I identified ginger, as such. I was hoping that it would brew strong enough to be a close replacement for a richer, coconut milk drink. I would like to try it again iced, and look forward to pairing that version with a meal of some bitter greens, or something like that, so I can give the sweetness a chance to really pop.

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