I just recently got into tea this past winter break in 2012. I currently attend Texas tech university where my roomate really got me into tea and now I could easily have 4 or so pots of tea a day without giving it a second thought. I love to branch ouch and try many different types and flavors of tea, rather than sitting on one brand or specific flavor forever, there is so much diversity in the amount and styles of tea out there that it is worth it to explore all that you can. I started out by visiting a local tea shop in Austin called Zhi tea, it is an amazing little shop,and an absolutely great experience for anyone like me who is just getting into tea or likes to explore all different types of flavors. As of now I am a fan of oolongs and black teas, drinking oolong is what actually got me into tea, and as I developed a sweet tooth for tea I expanded into the realms of green and white tea, which I am a fan of certain green teas, they have very relaxing properties to them, and I rather enjoy a nice pot of white tea, however I havnt had much of it. Personally I like my tea hot and straight, I can’t say I won’t like iced tea because I havnt tried it recently after developing my liking of tea. As for additives such as sugar and milk and honey, I believe they take away from the natural beauty of the tea and really distract you from the flavors that growers t so much time and effort into. I am also a fan of mainly organic loose leaf teas, I will try bagged tea and I have found a few that were decent but they just don’t compare to the freshness and boldness of an organic loose leaf tea. I hope to get into reviewing teas with my roomate, as I said I love to try all teas and I would love to write some reviews over teas and tea shops on my journey through the world of tea.


Lubbock, Texas / Austin, Texas

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