Skysamurai said

TeaTiff Traveling Tea Box

It is time for another round of TEA IN YOUR FACE. So much tea you scream in excitement and then cry from feeling overwhelmed. It’s traveling tea box time. After doing a fair number of TTB’s and trades I’ve come up with some new rules to protect the tea better. While you don’t have to follow what I’ve written below I do think following them will make things better for everyone.

“The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” – Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean

- Who am I? Please make sure to label the tea with the tea name and company.
- G1G1 – Most of the past TTBs say to put one in for every tea you take out. I think we usually end up with crazy big boxes so I’m going to amend this and say instead to keep it big enough for it to raise smiles when it’s opened but don’t feel the need to restore everything.
- 1 year later… We generally try to set a rule of no more than a week with the box but we can swing it longer when needed.
- Ship, Ship. List where you are willing to ship to or if you want mystery!
- If I fits, I sits. If the tea doesn’t fit in the box please find a new one. Likewise, if the original box is too small feel free to switch out to a smaller one.
- Ancient Tea. If tea is too old to be consumed it is best to compost it. That is unless it’s a 30-year-old pu er. If you are unsure just pass it along for others to decifer.
- No plastic bags. eeee Okay, I know. This is tough because that is all some have to trade with so to remedy this I have included bags for people to use. If the tea is only traveling to one or two people the plastic bag is okay. But here is my reasoning: 1. Tea is hygroscopic meaning it will absorb aromas from around it and this then messes with the flavor. 2. Plastic is just bad for the environment in general…
Many of the teas I review here on Steepster also end up as a catalyst to emailing the company for an interview. To make it easier on you guys I linked all the companies I’ve interviewed below.
List of TeaTiff companies.
If you have a chance to go to my website and take a look at some of them I’d really appreciate it. I’ve put a lot of work into this website.

Yar MAteys
- Skysamurai – cried over massive amounts of tea
- PamelaOry Oregon (US) consumed tea
- Irina IL (US) – Had en eye bulging tea experience
- Vallhallow – consumed
- Kelmishka – drank and drank and drank
- Shae – YAS, tea!

Needs Tea:
Inkling Wisconsin (US)
Tiffany :) Ohio
Martin Bednář – Europe!

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Skysamurai said

Dessert by Deb
Ginger Berry Crisp
Blueberry Lavender Angel Food Cake
Toasted Marshmallows
Wild berry mint pie

- Oolong
Jade Oolong (TsuiYu)
- Herbal
Green Rooibos
Red Rooibos
Lemon Verbana
Guayusa – caffeine
Yerba Mate – caffeine

Wolf Tea
Pear Delicate
Orchid Pouchong
- Black
Honey Scented

Honey Pomelo Dancong
Moon Bloom Dancong

Cultivate Tea
Wild Keemun
Da’an Song Zhong
Honey Orchid Milan Xiang
Buddha’s hand red
Old tree baiye Red
- White
Green Peony
Jasmine Silver Tips
White Moonlight
Laoshan white + Tea Blossoms
Gardenia birds tongue
Gyokuro Yame
Shincha Sencha Arashiage
Osmanthus Laoshan

Ten Ren Tea
Tung Ting

Wang Family Tea
Charcoal Roasted
Ginger blacktea

Whispering Pines
Wildcrafted Da Hong Pao

Verdant Tea
2021 Wild Crassicoluma
Laoshan Osmanthus

Northeast Tea House
2018 High Mountain Gong Mei
2014 Chen Nian Shou Mei
Anji Baicha Green

Alfajores Yunnan Golden Needle

New Mexico Tea Company
Honey Black

Plum Deluxe
Ginger Basil Lemon Black

Culinary Teas
Mons blend black

Bird and blend
Sloe gin lapsang
Salted caramel lebkuchen
Oxford comma
Violet cream
Glorious Paradise blooming tea

Augusrt uncommon
Silencio black

Jolie twa company
Lumberjack black

Dryed Tea
Xavier Quinn black
Lagrange grey black
Casimira black
Ravens in the library black

vallhallow said

I would like to join and can ship within the US and other counties. I live in MN. I can take the box for any months besides late October and all of November so far.

I don’t mind shipping to Canada or Europe. I can participate from June to August, and if it’s still going from late fall to winter. Otherwise I’ll be traveling a lot. If I miss out on this round, I can always catch the next one!

Shae said

Is this the box with the blind tastings or will it be more like the last TTB? Also, what kind of bags do you prefer? I normally use these – – but I could see if they have a similar size in kraft bags.

Skysamurai said

I’m going to put the blind tasting in there but it won’t be a requirement. Just for anyone who is interested. And yeah! those are the pouches! I’ve just seen too much tea in TTB’s go bad because of plastic bags.

Shae said

Perfect! Sign me up! I know I’ll need longer than a week though, since I have to pace myself with the caffeine. If that’s not a deal breaker, maybe I can go before someone who doesn’t mind me keeping it a bit longer? Or last on the list?

vallhallow said

The bags in the link above are preferred or not preferred. My brain is not fully computing today.

Skysamurai said

Hehe it’s okay. Those are preferred. I basically just eant to avoid the plastic bags

vallhallow said

Ok, awesome!

Kelmishka said

Yay, I’m in! I’m located in Maryland, USA, and am willing to ship internationally.

Kelmishka said

Skysamurai, is there supposed to be a link in your original post? I’m not seeing one. Assuming you wanted to send us here?

Skysamurai said

Oh yes. haha sorry. I kept thinking of tea related things and got sidetracked.

Tiffany :) said

Oh yes I love a good TTB! I can ship anywhere, I’m in Ohio USA!

Skysamurai said

So my only suggestion is for Vallhallow not to go first because she had the box last so I want to make sure things get changed up a bit before getting to her. I did make sure to go through and take out anything old and the plastic bagged ones. There is plenty of new stuff in there as well.

vallhallow said

I don’t mind being next, unless someone prefers to go. I have a lot to share again. ;)

Irina said

I would love to participate! Would prefer to only ship within the US. Located in Illinois.

PamelaOry said

Hello! I am brand new to the group but would love to participate. I can be available anytime except the first week of May. I live in Oregon and prefer to mail to US but would be willing to ship to CA if needed. Is there something I need to do to prove myself first? Any initiations I should be aware of?

Skysamurai said

Sorry for the delayed reply. Needed to take a brain break after dealing with some family stuff… First off welcome! And second huzzah for another TTB first-timer! They are addicting! Generally, we just ask you to stick to the rules like everyone else. We have had a few times in the past where people would get boxes and disappear but that hasn’t happened in a while so I don’t think we need to enact the previous initiation where you used to have to have a certain amount of posts and such.

PamelaOry said

Wonderful! I’m excited to participate. Thank you!

Inkling said

I would love to participate again! I’m in Wisconsin and prefer to ship within the USA. :)

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