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Featured Reblend for April 2022 is: Special Pina Colada Green Tea!

Hello, Everyone!

Our Featured Reblend for April is:

Special Pina Colada Green Tea – (Sorry it took so long for me to update this!) This is one that I’ve wanted to reblend for a long time so I was so happy to finally do it! This blend utilizes a unique base of Chinese Chun Mee & Young Hyson teas plus some Japanese Sencha. It is a smooth, sweet blend that plays to the flavors of pineapple and coconut really nicely. So … “if you like pina coladas” … you’re going to like this one.


Our Tea of the Week for April 25, 2022 is:

Raspberry Parfait Black Tea – My inspiration for this one was a recent conversation that I read right here on steepster that suggested there were not enough raspberry teas (and/or enough raspberry cream teas) – so I decided to add one to the count. This blend takes parfait in the “French” direction (that is, a creamy, custard-y confection with fruit) rather than the “American” direction (that is a fruit, yogurt & granola-ish thing). A blend of black teas combined with vanilla bean, raspberries & a touch of essence. I love how this one turned out.


Our Tea of the Week for April 18, 2022 is:

Lemon Coconut Custard Green Rooibos – Green rooibos blended with some lemony herbs (lemon grass, lemon verbena & lemon thyme), dried lemon wedges & coconut plus a touch of essence to bring it all together. Really delightful, naturally caffeine-free.


Our Tea of the Week for April 11, 2022 is:

Mom’s Spiced Peach Preserves Black Tea – This tea is my Mother’s Day gift to my mom, who wanted a tea that was like what she used to enjoy as a child. Her grandmother would make her a cup of black tea that was laden with spices – she would call this mélange of spices her grandmother’s “witch’s brew” – and her grandmother would sweeten the tea with a spoonful of peach preserves. So, she asked me to make her a tea like that.

Since I never actually tasted this tea, I had to go off what I imagined it would taste like. I found a tea – a Fujian Huang Jin Gui – that had a naturally occurring peach-like flavor to it & added spices (cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom, allspice & nutmeg) & chunks of freeze-dried peaches. The result is – amazing. I can see why my mom would want a tea like this!


Our Tea of the Week for April 4, 2022 is:

Tangerine Twister Green Tea – This is the first of our “smoothie” series. In the description for this tea, I mention that there may or may not be additional teas to this series & I can now say that yes, there will be! This is a delicious blend of Chinese Sencha, strawberries, bananas & of course, tangerines! YUM!


It’s been a while since I’ve created a VIT that wasn’t part of the usual teas of the week – but I created one for April —

White Peony with Blood Orange & Honey The base is a beautiful Fujian White Peony – combined with honey essence (it’s vegan!) & blood oranges. So refreshing!


Thank YOU!!!

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I feel a bit like a mind reader with the Blood Orange Creamsicle blend, haha!

The new site looks great though, and I’m excited for this year’s 12 Days selection! :)

52Teas said

That’s not all – though – because you also mentioned on a totally different post from a different company about how you didn’t like the word “flan” – and our featured reblend for August … contains that word in the name in the tea. (I’ll be announcing the tea on Monday but I’m sure that totally gave it away anyway.)

52Teas said

Thanks about the comments on the new website. I spent a lot of hours on it – but I’m happy with it. It just – looks better. Maybe it’s just because I looked at the same website for 6 years but the other one felt so old fashioned and clunky.

AJRimmer said

Yay I’m glad these updates are back!

52Teas said

Thanks! :)

Sil select said

yay for the new site and updates!

52Teas said

Thank you! :)

I’m also very excited to see these updates again. Loving the new site, it looks great!
I’m so sad I missed the 12 Teas box…no idea how I managed that. I filled out the form, so hoping there is an extra I can purchase! :)

52Teas said

Amanda – I can’t make any promises just yet – but I suspect there will be enough for a box for you. I will contact you when I know more. In the meantime, thank you for filling out the form!

Thanks for the kind comments!

PS: The box went very quickly this year!

Tiffany :) said

Ugh I already have a subscription and advent and placed 2 orders last weekend and now I see the two Nov teas, so far? Will try to resist another order

52Teas said

Well, you’ll get these two teas in your subscription – it’s going out this afternoon – in fact, in about an hour, we’ll be headed to the post office! :)

Kittenna said

I missed this thread! Following for exciting updates now :D

AH as I was reading your description for ‘Sweet Zhang’, I was thinking of ‘Black Silk Chocolate Milk’ and then I read further and you mention it tasting like chocolate milk! Could this base work for a reblend of Black Silk Chocolate Milk?

52Teas said

To be honest, I’m not sure. The Qu Hao tea has a different profile than the Gu Zhang.

Sil select said

I’d be up for just more of the current one made lol

52Teas said

@Sil: What do you mean?

Sil select said

@anne – sorry for the delay in response. just wanted to buy some and you only had 1 left lol.

52Teas said

@Sil – there is more in stock. But, you should hurry and get it if you want some because it’s going quickly and I’m not – at this time – planning on reblending immediately.

Sil select said

@Anne – sending you a facebook msg :)

YAY for a banana tea joining D’s Teas!

Kittenna said

I just brewed up Caramel Apple v2 today (before seeing this post). I also apparently tried the original (blended only by Frank, correct?) but have no recollection of the flavour. I like the base of v2 so hopefully v3 stands up to it!! Excited to try it when my next box ships! :D

52Teas said

Yes, the original batch was crafted by Frank. He utilized the Fujian Oolong (this v.3 utilizes the Fujian Oolong as well) I don’t think he used cinnamon in the tea though, but I like the cinnamon in there. I guess I just feel like apples and cinnamon belong together.

Kittenna said

I agree! I think I strongly associate the two. I see that v2 was a baked oolong; off the top of my head fujian oolong is meaning nothing to me. I really ought to get my oolong flavour profile straight one day!

52Teas said

@Kittenna: I enjoy both bases. I think the baked Oolong has more of a roasted flavor that gives the caramel apple notes more of a “baked apple” flavor – whereas with this Fujian Oolong, I get more of a straightforward caramel apple flavor – like dipping apples into caramel sauce (with a wee bit of cinnamon added to the caramel.)

Yep, I think that was me saying there weren’t enough raspberry cream teas. Thank you for heeding the call with Raspberry Parfait! :D

Kittenna said

You were not alone! I am so excited for this one!

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