A Steepster Cleanup Initiative

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AJ said

For the Admins — I’m pretty sure I know how we can go about merging duplicate entries now. The problem I’m running into is the search-box isn’t working. It’s either a bug, or we don’t have the correct permission to access it. I’m guessing it’s the permission thing, as it bumps me back to the ‘main page’.


These are two notes currently located on a Duplicate Tea, that I’d love to move over to the “correct” tea. Right now, I can move these duplicate notes OFF of the duplicate tea. However,

If I go to the ‘correct’ tea, then ‘Too many objects, use search box above’, and start typing to find that same note—the box won’t autocomplete or change to find that or any note.

BUT, if I do the same thing, scroll down to ‘Ingredients’ and start typing, suggestions will immediately pop up. On top of that, if I click ‘+ Add new note’ I get bumped back to the main page, whereas if I hit ‘+ Add new (mod) tea tags’ I get a new dialogue box to let me do just that.

Can we have the permissions to reshuffle Notes/Reviews? I’m assuming in this case ‘Reviews’ are the actual numerical numbers associated. If we’re given permissions, we can start manually ‘merging’ Duplicate Tea Entries ourselves by moving over the reviews/notes to the ‘accepted’ tea, and then deleting the now-empty duplicate.

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