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2013 Shoumei had 3 Ways

Dry leaf smelled like yeast rolls, fermented fruit, brain says Hot Cross Buns.

1) Gongfu.
Warmed leaf smelled of peonies and redfruits, forest floor and autumn leaf, yeast rolls. Rinsed leaf revealed old wood, red plum, red currant. All infusions had a similar character, that of a honeyed body with tangy citrus and redfruits, straw and floral undertones. The most memorable aspect was a pure aftertaste of raw honey.

2) Boiled.
A pinch thrown in a small saucepan. Simmered for who knows how long. Good dark redfruit aroma but disappointed with stewed autumn leaf and twigs. Poured it out.

3) Bowl. Tried this for the sake of Cameron B.
Complex floral aroma of beeswax-redfruit-pastry-nectar. First sips were intensely fragrant and waxy with peony and chrysanthemum, mineral, faint autumn leaf, very drying with a crystallized honey aftertaste. Pleasant but seemed to lack substance. Next sips had an herbaceous undertone, kind of missing midtones. Later sips became thicker and numbing to the top and the tip of the tongue. Despite using boiling water, I think preparing in a bowl doesn’t heat the leaf long enough to bring out deeper flavors beyond the florals. I did find this method very enjoyable though and I’ll try it with another pressed white.

It’s a pretty good pressed white that I think would do well for beginners to the type. Expect multiple western steeps and long gongfu sessions and be prepared for hours-long speedy caffeination if you’re sensitive. I could only drink this stuff into the late morning.

Flavors: Alcohol, Autumn Leaf Pile, Baked Bread, Citrus, Drying, Floral, Flowers, Forest Floor, Herbaceous, Honey, Mineral, Nectar, Pastries, Plums, Red Fruits, Straw, Tangy, Wet Wood, Wood, Yeasty


I need to try bowl tea…

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I need to try bowl tea…

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Abandoned the rating system again. Too much work.

Great tea is unforgettable. Good tea is sometimes forgettable. Mediocre tea is forgettable unless I’ve drank enough of it to form an impression. Bad tea is unforgettable, unfortunately.


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