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drank Chai Tea Concentrate by Monin
127 tasting notes


I ordered a (hot) chai latte from a random kiosk at the airport. I watched the barista, and it was made with steamed milk and this chai concentrate.

It was awful. When I first got it (and it was PIPING HOT) I was thinking that it was okay… I think I just couldn’t taste much. As it cooled and I got about halfway through, I realized that it tasted kinda sour and just like… milk. No spices or tea or anything. Blah. I threw it out.




Maybe the milk was sour?


I’ll take that YUCK! and raise you a BLECHHHH!


Jillian – it could have been, but I’ve ordered coffee lattes from there before (it was my “home” airport) and never had any problem with the milk. I’ve just been on a chai kick recently, so decided to go for chai (I usually drink coffee in the morning).

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Since I’m in a hotel, I can’t prepare chai the traditional way (no stovetop). A friend suggested that I try this as an alternative.

It was okay, not spectacular (didn’t compare at all with making chai with actual tea leaves and spices!).

I had a migraine, so I “got” to taste it again an hour later. Now I can’t stand to look at it. I don’t want to rate it because of that. I’ll try again in a few days.


Have you tried Trader Joe’s version? YUM! I’ll take a mix over a concentrate any day although this is good. My favorite cafe/ice cream shop uses it.


No. The only reason I was trying a concentrate is that I don’t have a stovetop in the hotel room. The town I"m in right now is pretty much the middle of no where – there’s no Trader Joes. I’m pretty much limited to what’s at Walmart.

I bought another chai mix – a powder…Pacific Chai. We’ll see how that goes.


Yeah a powder is what I mean when I say mix. I’m 2 hrs from a Trader Joe’s on a daily basis myself so I drink Pacific’s version when I’m too lazy to make my own. The texture is different from the stove top version but I find the flavor just as good.


poor denisend…your quest for a good chai while traveling is not going well. i’ve had this one before (in the powder form) and it was SUPER sweet…not great by any means but not god awful.


Hope you’re feeling better…
I thought this concentrate was pretty good mixed with the Tazo chai concentrate…the Tazo is more “chai” like and balances out the cane sugar taste of the Oregon chai.


Shanti – interesting idea, but I didn’t find the Tazo chai at the store. Oh well.
Lena – yeah, the last one (I’m about to log) is a little better.

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

Hope you feel better today, denisend.


denisend, are you near a walmart? My walmart has tazo. A Starbucks store might also have it.

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So this is the first tea that I made in the hotel room. I wanted to start with a familiar tea before trying new stuff, plus my thermometer hasn’t arrived yet (I had it shipped to the hotel) so I can’t try anything except herbals or blacks.

I had to buy a new tea kettle, though, since I forgot mine. I’ll be here for 4 of the next 5 weeks, so I needed a kettle.

It sweet and delicious, just like normal, so I feel like I can go ahead and try other things!

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drank C'est Parfait! by Lupicia
127 tasting notes

Needed something strong because my mouth tastes like the chinese food I had for lunch. The tartness of this one did cover up the chinese for awhile, but after about an hour the chinese flavor is back.

It’s a strong flavor, but not lasting. sigh

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drank Sour Apple by Adagio Teas
127 tasting notes

Had a frustrating evening so turned to this to relax me before bed. I still love the tangy tart sweetness.

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Thanks to wombatgirl for sending me this! I’m developing quite a backlog of traded teas, but this one smelled the strongest, so that’s what I went for.

Wow, I’m loving this one! It’s sweet and tangy and fruity but still light; it’s not the super strong fruit flavor of many of the tisanes that I like. This tisane has depth as well as sweetness.

I’m definitely going to have to purchase this one. After I make my way through my pile of tea…

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drank Tarocco Ruby Orange by Teavana
127 tasting notes

So I’ve been doing a lot of sour apple in the evenings and I decided to switch it up a bit.

I like this one, but not as much as the sour apple… this is a citrusy hibiscus. It’s good, but I probably won’t buy it again since I like the sour apple much better.

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I thought I’d update on the experimentation we’re going through with this blend and the triniTEA.

I’m using about 6 tsp of English Breakfast and 2 (heaping) tsp of Lemon Youkou. It’s on the hotter setting of the triniTEA (II) and brewing for 2 minutes.

We’ll get about 32 oz of tea, which will then have sugar added to it (about 1/3 cup) and the pitcher will be topped off with ice (it’s a 1 L pitcher).

The bitterness seems to be gone (good, because I can’t brew it for any less time on the triniTEA!). I’m still playing with the amount of lemon because the last one I thought was not enough but the husband said it was too much. I’m making it more to his taste becuase he tends to drink it more than I do.

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So I prepared this one like the directions state – 16 oz of boiling water for 5 minutes, then add another 16 oz of cool water and refrigerate.

I sampled it this morning… woah. It’s like drinking hibiscus and ginger root. Maybe there are other flavors there, but I can’t tell because these two are completely overpowering them.

I’m going to try it hot before giving it a rating, since I’ve had some other ginger teas that are fine hot and ick cold. Since it comes in a bag with enough tea for 32 oz of iced tea, I’m going to have to open the bag. Annoying.


I have the Blueberry Red iced tea from Rishi…and I pretty much hate it. I always throw some in all of my tea swaps just to get rid of it. lol


Does that mean I’m going to get some, Lena? :D

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So I got to work (after our 4 hour delay) and discovered that no one made coffee. This tea was sitting the the break room and I decided to try it while the coffee was brewing (I always start my day with 2 cups).

The smell of the tea was offputting, but whatever that aroma was, it wasn’t present in the tea’s taste. I just felt like I had to hold my breath as I brought the cup to my lips. Ugh.

It was okay, there was the sharp bite of mint and a hint of chocolate afterwards. I bet it would be better if made like a chai (but I’m at work).

I looked online for this tea (for a picture and description) and couldn’t find much. Apparently it’s a limited edition only sold through World Market.


I tried that at world market as I was doing my last Christmas shopping and thought to myself “bleah”.
Ick. Thank goodness it’s not out in the wild more!


Ya rly.

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