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I think this would be a great tea, if caramel and rooibos were your things. I’m more of a fruity tea drinker, so it’s passable for me.

The caramel taste is stronger than the rooibos, the rooibos is present more in the back while the caramel is in the front.

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I think I’d like this better without the roses. I’m sensitive to roses and think just about anything that has them tastes like soap. This has an aftertaste of soap.

The green tea base is stronger than the white tea (I can’t detect the white tea). So, I’m first getting green tea flavor, then fruit (it’s a light tropical fruit flavor, probably because it’s mangos and pineapples), then SOAP.

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drank Silk Oolong by Tea Forte
127 tasting notes

Angrboda and I were discussing oolongs this morning, so I decided to try this one. I obtained a sample of it in a (non-Steepster) tea swap.

I don’t have a lot of experience with oolongs (especially non-flavored oolongs, since my favorites have been Teavana’s jasmine and Lupicia’s mango), but this one is okay. It’s not overwhelmingly oolong, but it’s more delicate and smooth.

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I purchased the ForLife Curve teacup for work so now I can brew loose leaf teas in the office.

I’m not sure why I bought this one, since I’m not fond of white teas. Sweetened with splenda, it hides the bite that I don’t like in whites.

The pomegrante taste is there, but only slightly. It’s present as a mild “fruit” taste not as a good pomegrante flavor. I should note, though, that’s it’s made with “flavorings” and I’m not good at picking up on “flavorings”.

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Haven’t been drinking much tea since I got home.

Lupicia always comes through though.

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drank Sour Apple by Adagio Teas
127 tasting notes

Overbrewed so it tasted of hibiscus rather than hibiscus+apples. Meh. I’m not good at this manual brewing thing. I can’t wait to get back home to my automatic teamakers.

Also, it’s not good with leftover pizza.

Meghann M

I can’t imagine how the hibiscus blended with the pizza tastes in your mouth, doesn’t sound like a good combo. Hopefully you get to head back home to your automatic makers soon!


How can anything not be good with leftover pizza?!?! :)

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drank Tazo Chai by Tazo
127 tasting notes

So… probably the best (IMO) of the chai substitutes that are readily available that I’ve tried on this trip. It’s WAY WAY spicy (I like spicy chai, but this was a bit too spicy for me). It has a strong tea and spice flavor, unlike Oregon and Pacific, which I’ve also tried.

I suppose the next thing to do is to start mixing.

Also, I have tried the apple cider chai from SBS, and I prefer that to the whole mess of things I’ve tried here… but that can’t be found in a store and I didn’t order it before leaving. sigh

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I’ve had this one a couple of times this week without logging it. When I time the steep, it turns out nice and light and fruity. It’s delightful.

Once I didn’t time it, and the backnote was very strong of (I think) the cardamon, which just threw the balance all off. It was weird and I couldn’t finish it. This tea is not forgiving if you overbrew it! Bleh!

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

Maybe that’s why I never liked this one. I finished most of it before I realized that I like my teas steep on the short end of the time recommendations.


If you have any, definitely try it understeeped. It’s more fruity that way, and I love it. Oversteeped it’s BLAH!

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

I finished up the last of it earlier this year.

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Very dark and pretty spicy. I had this last night after work when I didn’t feel like making actual tea. I think next time I’ll add milk, since it wasn’t terribly creamy, but otherwise it was a decent cup (better than what I’ve tried so far).

Not as good as tea leaves and spices, though.


I definitely like it w/ milk better as well. The only other way I like it is in black coffee

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Obtained in a (non steepster) tea swap. This is a loose tea, not the bagged tea pictured.

I think the recommended 5 minute steep time is too long, it was bitter. I didn’t taste any mango, just bitter black tea. I’m going to try again later with a shorter steep time and see how that does.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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Engineer. Lives with her cats and husband. Likes fruity tisanes most of all, but willing to try anything.


southern Maryland

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