Yixiang Tea Factory Of Fuan City

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Recent Tasting Notes

I’ve come to see Tan Yang teas as kind of a geographical designation like VQA with wine, with most of the teas grown in the area named that way except for the Lapsang Souchong, the teas grown from the guanyin varietal, and most of the really tippy teas which are labeled either as Jing Pin or Jinjunmei depending on the wholesaler. Some of the sites refer to a Tan Agar varietal of the tea plant as well, but I haven’t found much information on that as of yet.

This tea is from Fuan, and is a lower grade of the golden monkey tea, it is sometimes referred to yin Mao hou. The sources I found on this tea said that it is often fruitier and sweeter than golden monkey so I was curious to try it.

This tea was harvested on April 28,2014. It has dark loosely curled leaves with scattered copper toned golden tips. The dry leaf smells very sweet and chocolatey with an undertone of roasted grain/malt tones.

I brewed this tea both western and gongfu styles and found similar tones in both. Styles.

I brewed 1tsp/20Oml/at@92°C. And ended up with a golden, orangey,brown broth with a golden ring.

The scent of this tea was of cocoa, with a touch of longan and a lighter peach/mandarin scent, with a buttery tone and cane sugar.

The tea presents a light bright first impression with the fruit up front with longan, a sweeter citrus mandarin note and a sweeter creamy peach like tone during some steeps especially in western style.

The fruit tones are separated from the deeper tones underneath by a cane sugar note.

The deeper tones include cocoa, butter, a hint of salt, a slight hint of something floral, and a faint roasted note.

Later steeps had a deeper richer flavour and introduced a clover nectar tone, and more distinct malt. Some steeps had a creamy texture and were almost syrupy. The tea had a light sweet aftertaste.

The western style steeps still had the bright fruity flavours on top, but had a deeper, heavier flavour underneath.

Altogether this tea was smooth, sweet, creamy and bright, with a good balance between the flavours. A very nice tea and great for summer.

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