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The last of the last of my Wymm Tea. This is a lovely sheng with classic camphor aroma. It is disgusting hot and humid outside so I am sipping this slowly and letting it cool a bit. I do like to cool my puerh a little, especially shu though this is sheng, because I feel like I pick up more of the flavors.

A friend texted me a pie recipe and it happened to be a pie that I just made recently but I am a very suggestible creature sometimes and immediately wanted more, so fifteen minutes after receiving the text the pie was in the oven. There were also towels to hang on the line to dry and Ashman’s shirts to hang in readiness for work next week, Now it is break time!

I gave this a rinse as the remaining bits seemed pretty well compressed and then I let it sit for a few minutes to absorb the water and steam in the gong fu pot.

The liquor is a clear pale yellow. This is not at all harsh, but sweetly flavored like green bean juice. As I swish and swirl it, I pick up a little seaweed, or maybe just the green saltiness of seaweed.

It does not have thick body, but the cool tea has a light creamy texture taste/texture. I am having trouble distinguishing which it is.

A very well behaved sheng, and if I didn’t have a pie in the oven I would lie down for a quick nap. It has been a lovely break-time tea. I am feeling peaceful rather than stimulated. Nice.


Glad you experienced a peaceful moment <3

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Note: this information is taken directly from the review on my blog.

I started off with three 5 sec rinses. The fourth steep was 30 secs long in 195F water. The fifth steep was also 30 secs but in 200F water. The liquor was flavorful. I detected sweet notes of dried fruit and dry notes of conifer sap and juniper needles. My cup was aromatic even after I had drunk all the tea. The same experience for the sixth and seventh steep. The eighth steep was 45 secs long in 200F water. Stone fruit emerged alongside dried fruit in the eighth steep. There was a mineral finish with a touch of astringency like an unripe hachiya persimmon. The ninth infusion at 1 min in 200F water yielded a milder, peach-colored liquor. The tenth and final steep was very similar.

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