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Very valerian! Faces were made. The empty mug w/ teabag plastered to the inside was exited from bedroom to kitchen before falling asleep. Valerian+licorice root is not the smell I want to greet me upon waking. I don’t think this did the job last night. Very restless.

Flavors: Caraway, Earthy, Herbaceous, Licorice Root, Mint, Musty, Sweet, Tangy

Mastress Alita

Valerian works very well for me, but ooooof, why it gotta stink SO BAD? Has to be a very magical blend to hide that aroma…


Yeah, I know I’ve had a blend that defied the Law of Valerian but don’t remember which one it was. Usually smells so dank all one can do is CHUG-IT.

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Not drinking for supposed digestive benefit.

A balanced blend that showcases the three herbal components: peppermint, spearmint and lemon balm.

I did some cursory reading of journal papers. Bacillus coagulans, the bacteria added to this herbal blend, has been shown to withstand higher food and beverage processing temperatures than other probiotic bacteria.

Boiling water does decrease bacterial vitality.

Freshly boiled water is what Traditional Medicinals recommends for steeping, with their usual “covered for 10-15 minutes” instructions. If I were to drink this herbal tea for probiotic effects, I’d probably brew it lower, like 175F.


I do like their straight-up peppermint…this sounds tasty, too.


Yeah, not bad at all :)

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Somewhere along the line, my tastebuds have changed because I used to really dislike any tea with ginger in it and now I really enjoy it. Funny how that happens!
I’ve been nursing a cold since last Friday night and have burned through my remaining stash of Davids Organic Cold 911 so I desperately needed something that was going to help soothe my raw vocal chords (I’ve currently lost my voice) and this seems to be doing the trick.
A soothing, smooth ginger, tempered with just a faint hint of sweetness. Simple and comforting and all I really want right now. Thank heavens for small mercies!

Flavors: Ginger

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I really enjoy the occasional mug of warm licorice root, and this is everything I want it to be. It’s sweet and a little earthy. It tastes thick and satisfying. It’s the perfect work tea for busy days.

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