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Thanks to Liberteas for this one, too!
It’s delightful!
A mellow black tea – yes – but the perfect amount of spices to go along with that mellowness!


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Thanks Liberteas for this one!

This is very nice! It’s not ‘just’ peppermint. It’s more than that. It’s like a buttered rice “meal-like” savory flavor and mint. It’s a smooth mint – not a ‘makes your nose-hairs dance’ type of mint.

Awwww-Yeah! This is pretty darn awesome!


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drank Spice Blend by Tiger Spring Tea
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I’m really enjoying this. Our autumn here in the Pacific Northwest has been kind of an odd one thus far – we’ve have next to NO rainfall for quite some time (there was a day or two where there were very light drizzles, but nothing at all what I’d call RAIN), and the temperature for the most part has been warm. A few days here and there I’ve felt the need to don a sweater when I go outside, but, they seem few and far between.

But today, it is somewhat blustery. Chilly, but not incredibly cold, but the wind makes that chill feel even colder. So it seems a good day for a warm mug full of this Spice Blend from Tiger Spring Tea.

This is very much like a Christmas Spice blend … and in fact, when I visited the website to learn more about this tea, the tab on my browser says “Spice Blend Christmas Tea” so I think at one time the company called this their Christmas blend. The strongest notes come from the Ceylon, the orange and the clove. It tastes a bit like a good mulled spice cider … replacing the apple with Ceylon tea and a touch of orange.

It’s not quite chai like, although, I did categorize it as a chai, because the spices are similar to chai. It’s more even toned to me than a chai would be – which in my opinion are usually more aggressively spiced. This offers warm, comforting notes rather than a strong, solid spice flavor.

Very enjoyable, just what I needed today.


Yummy, I love anything orange spice. Thanks for mentioning the touch of orange—that makes me want to try this. =)

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Liberteas sent me some of this and it’s quite good! It’s a powerful minty green – gunpowdery, even. Good both hot and cold. My Sororitea Sister Liberteas KNEW I would like this as I LOVE MINT and she was certainly right! A nice green/mint to have on hand for any occasion! Nice!

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This is really good. The peppermint aroma is strong and exhilarating – FRESH! And while the flavor is equally as strong, there is a smoothness to the flavor too, almost a buttery-like quality to the background. It tastes crisp and refreshing and clean, and it’s very soothing especially after those BBQ ribs that I had for dinner. This is relaxing to my tummy … just what I needed.

An excellent pure peppermint. I’m sending the rest to my SororiTea Sister, because I know how much she loves peppermint!

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This was actually my first cuppa the day…a little out of order…but still a cup worth logging!

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I received a box from my girl LiberTEAs today and here’s the first one I am jumping into! Woot!

The is a CRAZY-Intense scented EG, my friends!

And now I’m putting my tasters to the test…

Floral, FRESH Bergamot, a very nice EG flavor, and more FRESH Flowers!

It’s highly flavored but not as intense as the aroma and I totally agree with LiberTEAs…that everything about this is FRESH!!! This is Cream of the Crop, right here!

Hesper June

Ooooo…a Crazy Intense Earl Grey!
Sounds like it is right up my alley:)

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I really like this Moroccan Mint. It is sweet and vibrant, soothing and refreshing. I had my first cup of it hot, and then decided I wanted a pitcher of it iced before I sent the rest of it to my SororiTea Sister (she does love mint), so that’s what I’ll be drinking tomorrow afternoon.

My full-length review of this tea will be appearing on SororiTea Sisters blog soon: http://sororiteasisters.com

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I am revisiting this tea today, having one more pot of it, so that I can send the rest to my SororiTea Sister.

Today it tastes a little “stiffer” … a little more astringent, not quite as seamless between the tea and bergamot. It isn’t quite as smooth as I remember yesterday’s cup tasting, I can even taste some bitterness, and I used the exact same parameters as yesterday.

However, I did just brush my teeth, which has everything to do with it. In a mouth with less residual zesty peppermint I suspect that this would be every bit as stunning as it was yesterday. So, if you’ve just brushed your teeth and are about to sip on this tea, I suggest that you drink a glass of water first to cleanse the palate of the left-over toothpaste taste.


In my experience, toothpaste ruins everything.


Yes… it definitely did in this case. Toothpaste + Earl Grey = blech

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Nice! This has such a delicious, natural flavor. The black tea is robust but does not overwhelm, the bergamot tastes fresh and it has a pleasing contrast between sweet and tangy. The bergamot here seems sweeter than in Earl Grey teas… it’s not a heavy bergamot note, the bergamot and black tea meld together seamlessly. A bit of astringency toward the tail that cleanses the palate, imparting a floral aftertaste.


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