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A review of Yerba Mate Cocoa by Wine

Company: The Wine Vine
Tea Name: Yerba Mate Cocoa
Tea Type/Varietal: Mate
Region: Central Mass
Steeping Vessel/Amt Leaf: cup/ tea powder
Liquor Color: chocolate
Leaf Characteristic:


1st Steeping:
Water Temp: 200
Time: 2 minutes
This drink is for those wishing for a low caffeine alternative or for those wishing for a cup of good cocoa.

I purchased this tea during a visit to this little shop down the street from Worcester Polytechnical Institute last week or such. I was on their campus for an event and walking back down the street to wait for my ride; I decided to stop at this shop seeing that they also sell teas; as well as wine, cheese, gift baskets, and beers.

The yerba mate is finely ground with the cocoa (a dusting) is how it is described on the bag. I take one heaping tea spoon of the mixture and put this in my cup and pour in the boiled water, stirring at first slowly and then more vigorously to get the mixture to dissipate in the cup.

The tea is lightly brownish red in color with a chocolaty aroma. When sipping of the mixture, it is very sweet and grainy in texture. I decide to strain the mixture and I find I enjoy it more without all the bits in my cup; since not everything dissolved when I stirred it.

2nd Steeping:
Water Temp: 200
Time: 3 minutes
I simply add the water over the strainer with mixture of the cocoa and yerba mate in it; as this released into my tea mug the tea’s color is reddish brown and with a chocolate aroma. The tea is very light, pale in fact and yet very sweet.

When I say pale, I mean if one wants a strong cup of chocolate than this would not suffice. For tea, it is just fine since tea is meant to be light; unless cream and sugar is added.

Overall tasting notes: Sweet and chocolate flavored cup of yerba mate

Classification: Year, and region of production; Product of South America

Cup’s characteristic: smooth and velvety with a rich cocoa flavoring

Liquor color: reddish brown

Taste: yerba matte sweetened with cocoa dusting; this makes for a velvety cup of matte that is very sweet on the palette. It is good!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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