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drank organic rooibos by The-potten
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So. This is the last of a tin of rooibos that I inherited from Angrboda… it also represents a bit of excursion for me, which is to say, loose tea.

So, I’ve quite enjoyed this stuff. Being rooibos, it’s quite small pieces*, and I lack any kind of filtering equipment, which takes a little getting used to. However, it’s quite fresh-tasting, with some faint citrus flavour kicking around in the back. Not a particularly complex taste, but a nice change of pace from black tea.

There was of course another, smaller tin of rooibos, which was really excellent, and naturally this only contained enough for one pot. And I didn’t log it. I can only apologise, and perhaps try to obtain further supplies.

As for the loose-tea experiment, well, perhaps I can see myself pursuing it a little further. I may try some loose-leaf black in order to see if I think it’s worth the extra effort over the dreaded teabags ;-)

I am sure there is a technical term.

Leaves. Small leaves. :)
I can’t remember where I got the quince rooibos but it should be easy enough to get more or it. Does it say anything on the label, or was that a home-written one? Because it’s def. not the original tin.


Handwritten label, says Rooibos kvæde (H). I am eager to find more supplies ;-)


Right. Luka’s got it, and that’s probably where I got a sample from. Should be possible to get it from Hans&Grethe too.

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