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First impression: There’s a lot of rose petals and big chunks of vanilla bean pod amongst the rooibos.

I’m actually really excited about the amount of vanilla pod in here — there’s probably 3 pieces totalling just over an inch of vanilla bean in the teaspoon of a half of leaf that went in my steeper. As a result, this is easily the creamiest cup of rooibos I’ve ever had.

Despite the amount of rose in the blend, there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of rose flavor. It was balanced and just about right. It adds a floral sweetness to the cup and seems to temper the rooibos some.

Even so there’s definitely a rooibos flavor present, as well, but I’m not finding it strong enough to be offensive, in spite of not caring for rooibos.

I feel weird recommending a rooibos, but this is what I want from a vanilla tea.

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Yay! You found a rooibos you like enough to recommend and that makes me happy for you :)

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Traveling Tea Box C #3
Mmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm good! This is actually a rooibos I agree with! My favorite tea is a black tea called Victorian Vanilla. it was one of the first loose leaf teas I ever had and it was from a local tea source at farmers market from my home town. I actually just got a surprise package of 4oz of it! Anyways the whole point is… It’s a black tea base with vanilla and rose petals! Simple yet so delicious and my favorite! I’m pretty sure that is why I like this one so much! I will have to keep a little bit of this one for myself and let a little move on with the box. I will also have to include some Victorian vanilla to let you all compare ;). Yay 3 down!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec

I still haven’t tried the Victorian Vanilla yet. I should do that this afternoon!


Oh, I’d love it if you included some of the Victorian Vanilla in the HH teabox, when it gets to you! That probably won’t still be in the box when it gets to me, but that’s okay. :D

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I will definitely! Its not even up for discussion. I will make sure you get some!

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Tea #1 from Traveling Tea Box C

There is a TON of rose in this blend, which made me think the flavor might be a bit overpowering. While quite prominent, the rose does not overshadow the wonderfully smooth vanilla. Overall, a deliciously rich rooibos.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
BrewTEAlly Sweet

OOOOOOOOOHHHHH this one sounds right up my alley. Hopefully it makes it to my turn.


Unfortunately there wasn’t much of this one when I got the box, but there are still 2-3 servings left. Your turn is coming up soon, so you might have a chance. :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I’ll cross my fingers :D

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drank Immunitea by The Loose Leaf
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I was REALLY afraid of this tea when I was reading the description but once I tasted it it was extremely mellow and soothing…VERY different from what I thought it was going to be like. A good surprise. Altho it’s not overly flavorful – it’s quite pleasant and not medicine-tasting…

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Not as bad as I thought before but still not my fave. I was looking for something chamomile paired with something else to help me wind down two nights ago and this was on hand. Not my cuppa tea but not awful, I guess.


“I guess” : )

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Me & Chamomile…we don’t always see eye to eye…actually, it’s rare that we do, see eye to eye, that is…

This tea smells like ‘used’ catnip. Blah!!!

It has a little lemony taste to it somehow which is the only reason I will finish this cup. I don’t hate it but it’s certainly not for me. It’s mellow and pleasant for those who like chamomile and/or lavender…but I think me and this tea will part ways…sorry.


Used cat nip? Haha! You make me smile:)


I aim to please! LOL
Yeah…used…like after the cat has slobbered all over it! teehee


I was going to say… what is used catnip? I have three packs of cat nip at home, it’s just sitting. * Wonders * if it was used :P

Cecilia Tan

I am so often faced with chamomile as the only non-caffeinated option for “tea” in restaurants and hotels. Sometimes I forget to pack my own tea or I run out partway through a road trip. Or at a nice restaurant I won’t bring my own tea! I never particularly liked it but I like it less and less as time goes on. At this point, I’d rather drink a cup of hot water with a quarter packet of sugar in it and nothing else, than most of the chamomiles they’ll give you in hotels.


Ricky, have you tried with ordinary peppermint. My cat was wildly uninterested in whichever catnip toy I would try to convince her to play with, but once she got hold of a bag of Lipton’s peppermint… Another few scratches for my collection when trying to take it away from her. Catnip and mint are related plants, so I assume it was the same trigger.


used catnip, that makes me laugh. Mainly because my first thought was “cat drool?” hehehee


Mine was regurgetated… and that’s probably spelt wrong because I don’t think I’ve ever had occasion to spell it before LOL.


LOL my boys don’t go to that extent. (close, regurgitated) They just run around then drool on the scratching post.

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Taken without milk or sugar.
I’ve never had lavender tea before so the first sip was kinda shocking but when you get used to the tang of the lavender it’s not so bad. For this tea the chamomile exists as a toasty base flavor for the lavender to shine off of. The chamomile is there but it’s the chair your dinner guest is sitting on. Not a second dinner guest.
And lavender in tea just reminds me of the color purple. Not the movie… but the actual color. There is some kind of spicy alertness to the herb which feels like red. But the after taste is soothing and floral which feels like blue… Then again one of my favorite flowers are blue bells so I maybe partial on that blue description but I’m sure you see where I’m going with this…

Eh… it’s an interesting flavor.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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