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Once in a while a tea comes along that challenges your preconceived notions about that category of tea. For me, this Taiwanese black redefines what black tea should taste like. It’s a magnificent tea, delightfully fruity with a smooth and highly refined taste.

The smell in the bag is heavenly; like tangy, fresh strawberries and dried cherries. A brown sugar aroma like appears after dropping the leaves into a warmed teapot. The first steep was sweet with fruity notes of dark berries and a light malty finish. Second steep was richer with more brown sugar sweetness and notes of bergamot and musk. Next two steeps were silky smooth and had a hint of white grapes.

This was an exquisite tea with fantastic aromatics and a refreshing quality that made for a very pleasant drinking experience. It’s quite different from the full bodied blacks I’m used to. I know Taiwanese blacks are highly regarded but the ones I’d tried up until now failed to impress. Having experienced this tea, I get the hype now. I must say I’m impressed with both of the teas I’ve sampled from The Jade Leaf. I wouldn’t have thought to use them for tea since they are known for teaware. Emilio sources some excellent tea and I’m grateful to have been able to try a couple of them.

Flavors: Bergamot, Blackberry, Brown Sugar, Cherry, Malt, Strawberry, White Grapes

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 3 g 5 OZ / 160 ML

I love Ruby 18’s.


Wow, I want to order this tea now. Sounds so good.


I would totally buy more of this tea if they sold it in smaller quantities. But 75g is way too much for an occasional black tea drinker like me

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drank Caramel Oolong by The Jade Leaf
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Man, it’s already June and the weather in Chicago is still wonky. Seems like we never quite recovered from the brutal -50 F windchills this past winter. It’s supposed to be summer now but here I am with the furnace on and wearing a sweater. WTH?

The unexpectedly cool weather calls for a roasty tea so I pulled out this sample I received with my recent Jade Leaf teaware order. I grandpa steeped 1.2g in an 8oz glass using 195 F water. The dry leaf had an appetizing smell of chocolate, toffee, and butterscotch. Wet leaf though didn’t have much aroma, kind of had the standard roasted oolong smell.

I got busy with other stuff which gave this a chance to steep good and long. The leaves unfurled to release an incredibly smooth texture and taste of flowers and caramel. Roast was gentle without any char and lent a sweet fruitiness to the tea. It was a tad lighter than I like but that’s likely because I slightly underleafed.

An excellent medium roast oolong, perfectly roasted to give it a nice warmth and sweetness. Eager to try this gongfu next time.

Flavors: Caramel, Flowers, Heavy, Honey

195 °F / 90 °C 1 g 0 OZ / 7 ML

I had the heat going yesterday too (in the Toronto area). It was a cold day for June.


^^Was just going to comment that the weather in southern Ontario is wonky too. I believe I held out without turning on the heat this time, but it’s rare in summer that the temp in the house dips below what I have the air conditioner set to (I believe it was 20 degrees in the house; a/c was at 22 at the time).


I’m obviously including June in summer. Haha.

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