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drank Houjicha by The Ikebana Shop
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Wow, it’s been a couple months now since I’ve posted here, didn’t think it’d been that long. Usually at the end of the year I don’t buy any more tea and try to drink anything that’s been sitting unopened or about to go stale in my cupboard. Last week I found a sealed package of Kyoto houjicha that I had somehow buried and forgotten about! I purchased this maybe three years ago in Halifax, Canada of all places, thankfully it’s not stale yet. Anyway, that’s what today’s entry is about.

I used a new clay 140ml gaiwan with 7 grams of tea in 85°C water.
A quick wash was followed by a 10 second steep, working up to 1 minute brews.

I love aromatic teas, and this one doesn’t hold back. A pleasant char/roast scent hit me hard in the face before even sipping, followed by a subtle briny layer which I found was really unique. Definitely reminded me of being on an ocean pier or a beach bonfire. The flavour is just wonderful though, a typical umami roast is very forward in initial brews, but there are deeper undertones of wood, seaweed, and coffee to be coaxed out which just makes me very happy indeed. Wasn’t expecting such a complex flavour profile. The mouth feel is amazing too, the soup is thick and lubricating going down with a pleasant astringent aftertaste. I really like this tea, and will probably buy more as I only have 80 grams right now.

Flavors: Coffee, Roasted, Seaweed, Umami, Wood

7 g 5 OZ / 140 ML

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