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This lollipop tastes a bit more like a vanilla cream and honey lollipop. The Earl Grey notes are quite faint, but, they progressively get stronger as I continue to enjoy the lollipop, as the Earl Grey flavor seems to come from the tea leaves that are stuck into the lollipop… essentially they sort of “steep” on my tongue. Sounds weird, but in a strange way, it works.

These lollipops from the Groovy Baker are so good!

I have more of these lollipops too (as well as the Matcha Lollipop that I had last night). I’d be happy to include one of your choice in either the black tea sampler, green tea sampler, tisane sampler or flat rate box of samples that I’m selling on Tea Trade:

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OK… these are so yummy! And I am amazed at how quickly they arrived.

This starts out with the pear being the strongest flavor, followed by the vanilla. The almond note is there – the pieces of almond are difficult to resist – I keep trying to nibble them off of the lollipop but they’re in there! The lemon develops over time. The matcha is there from the start (delicate but there) however, by the time I’m about halfway finished the matcha is a much stronger presence than it was at the start.

This is sweet and delicious.

I have more of these, and would be happy to send one along as a free bonus with the next Green Tea sampler or Flat Rate box that is purchased from my Tea Trade:


If I wasn’t allergic to almonds, I’d be all over this!


These sound yummy!


What???? You have me interested!!!


These sound super yummy

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