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Cheap Fujian TGY from ebay bought a while back & I lost the packet, just found it & thought I would compare seeing as ive just drank some Whispering Pines Autumn.

First off I noticed it was broken up, many different shades, different sizes, bits etc. This isnt something that totally bothers me if the tea tastes good but its nice to know that care has been taken in the processing.

First steep after a rinse to open the leaf, totally meh. I put quite a lot in as well to see what flavours might be present – its just totally bland green tea flavour. nothing of the perfume or freshness that decent TGY should have.

Second steep I tried to push it a little & I got weird vegetal & quite a bit of bitterness. didn’t even finish the cup.

Ok, its cheap @5p/g but really tastes it. Boring!

Flavors: Vegetal

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