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drank Original Ceylon by Te Club
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How i got it: My parents’ house current tea of choice

Experience: I wondered what could be the difference between Te Club’s Ceylan Clasico and this one, so i tried to pay special attention. Its aroma is very intense and follows the line of a good Ceylon, although it has some of the style of Dilmah English Afternoon in this respect. Its taste, however, is not very intense or lasting. Not bad at all, but i was expecting a bit more.

Would i buy it?: Mmm… this tea could be a candidate for an everyday tea, but Lipton’s Yellow Label and Te Club’s Ceylan Clasico both do better in this category. I’d pass this time.

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drank Original Ceylon by Te Club
11 tasting notes

I got this tea in an attempt of saving my mom from buying another brand a disastrous one, if I may and I have to say it was a good last minute choice.

It is a little more bitter than your usual everyday tea. Especially if you don’t sweeten it, like me. However, sometimes you kind of crave something bitter to break the routine.
This is my ‘stay focused’ tea. Whenever I have to write an important email or draft, I go for a cup of tea and this is the one. I already decided.
Since it has this particular flavor, you can make a good tea-pastry combo, if you like. It would go well with a slice of cake or a cupcake.

Since it is one of the most popular national brands of tea in Chile, it is actually really cheap (Let’s say the 100-bags box can cost you around four dollars. No lie.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec 2 g 7 OZ / 200 ML

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How i got it: Tried it in a church dinner

Experience: What a surprise here! Te Club is very popular here, but it’s not exactly known for its quality, so I was expecting something less than i got. It had a clear and mild to intense flavor, enough to recognize the Ceylon character. Medium astringency, smooth aroma. Better than i thought

Would i buy it?: In this category, i’m still giving advantage to Lipton’s Yellow Label, but this could be a close second.

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