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I have no idea why the box calls this a “Diet Chai”
Other than Saffron may perhaps curb the appetite.
This is a medium to robust Chai and I could drink this
several times a day during the cold season.
You can taste the lovely spices, and with the smallest
amount of Stevia it is a sweet, flavorful drink
AND quite a relaxing one, I might add.


another that draws my interest! this is becoming a theme, lol.


teavana had a great blend called ‘weight to go’, man did they have to tap dance to even get me to sniff it though! who names a tea that? geez!

Corey Lily Jane

I really love the Saffron & Cinnamon Fusion Tea..

Lexie Aleah

It’s a diet tea because it contains senna which is an herbal stimulant laxative.

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