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drank Matcha by Ta-Fu
1792 tasting notes

Sipdown! It’s pretty sad that I log onto here and see that I haven’t written anything in nearly three weeks, although it doesn’t seem that long ago. I need to change that. I’m also surprised that according to my notes, I bought this around two years ago? I can’t believe it took me this long to finish then especially since I throw this into my smoothies now and then, or in phases.

Love this with my Musclepharm cookies ‘n’ cream protein powder, unsweetened coconut milk, plain yogurt (or kefir), and frozen raspberries.

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drank Matcha by Ta-Fu
1792 tasting notes

Protein smoothie of the day:

45g Cellucor cinnamon bun whey protein
250ml Silk unsweetened cashew milk
150ml water
4g matcha
Healthy dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg
94g frozen banana
70g frozen mixed strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries

I can hardly taste the matcha because the spices and fruits form a supergroup of flavour, but I’m having it for its antioxidant value, anyway.

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drank Matcha by Ta-Fu
1792 tasting notes

This is the first tea I’ve purchased in two months (besides the order I placed the other day). I’ve been out of matcha for like a month now and since I prefer to have it in protein smoothies, I thought I’d skip down to T&T and buy some cheaper stuff there. Because I haven’t been buying as much from DAVIDsTEA this calendar year, I’ve yet to gather enough points to get more free Grand Cru (for a long while there, it seemed like my free matcha was unlimited) but this’ll do.

$12 for 100g isn’t too shabby. It comes sealed in a foil pouch tucked inside a tin, and is a pretty bright green. I haven’t tried it alone but so far I’ve had it in this breakfast smoothie:

45g Natera hemp protein powder, blackberry pomegranate flavour
200ml almond-coconut milk
2g Ta-Fu matcha
76g frozen banana
75g frozen raspberries

I could barely taste the matcha, honestly. It’s those blasted, flavourful raspberries again. So next time I’ll up it to 4-5g. I could taste a hint of grassiness but nothing monumental. This is also the first time having the hemp protein and there’s a lot going on with that alone, as well. I’ll reserve rating this until I add more next time and see what happens.


Good for you for resisting temptation to buy more! I was doing good for a while, and then new teas came out from DAVIDs and Verdant. I also haven’t been buying very much from DAVIDS this calendar year as well.


Ugh I haven’t even checked out DAVIDsTEA’s fall collection yet. But really should! sounds like you are still doing very well though so you should still be proud.

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drank Super Catechin Ryokucha by Ta-Fu
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