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I met up with a friend at T-Buds yesterday and had a super tasty chipotle chocolate sauce wrap. SO good.
This tea was the recommended pairing. I don’t know why… there wasn’t enough contrast and it all sorta blended together. Also, the tea turned out bitter for some reason? Milk and sugar helped, but I found it to be an average chocolate puerh. I’ve had about six different varieties from random places and the only one I find unique enough to have again is Teaopia’s chocolate orange and Spice exchange’s Strawberry chocolate. I guess it only works when coupled with a fruit AND chocolate? Hmmm.
Anyhow, as the tea cooled, the bitterness calmed down somewhat. I could see how a coffee lover would like it.
NB: to their credit, the girl didn’t charge me for the tea! after I mentioned that it was bitter, she insisted. I gave her a generous tip but still… I feel badly about it! anyhow, based on this experience, I highly recommend T-buds.


OK… this chipotle chocolate sauce wrap thingy sounds like something that I need to try. YUM!


(was something you should try lol)


also for some reason I can’t rate this?? there is no smiley face to drag…


I think they need advice on tea pairings!


They should just ask Bonnie!!!


Ah that was nice of you! ….But yes, too close and it can fall flat! Sometimes with a super spicy dish though you have to go all the way with a ginger or chai tea (cold even!)


LOL see Bonnie, you know things!! I should have asked myself… WWBD!


Isn’t a ‘chocolate sauce’ in a wrap/burrito generally called a mole’?

Daisy Chubb

WWBD! I’ll make bracelets for us all!


Kashyap, yes!! I couldn’t remember the name and forgot to look it up. thanks for the reminder!
DaisyChubb: hehhee! I wonder if we could use the stalk of a tea plant…

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Buttery, nutty, slightly bitter but instantly turns mellow with clean aftertaste. Very light yellow color of the liquor. Dragonwell is one of my all time favorite teas and this one doesn’t disappoint one bit. Company’s description fits tea’s palette perfectly.

Leaves dry and steeped are not too uniform and many of them are broken apart so it’s probably not the highest grade stuff, but it tastes good. For the price it’s certainly a great tea. Also, manager of the store was nice enough to give me a 20% discount on it too, which was very nice.

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Very light flowery tea , I don’t taste peach but it definitely has lots of honey or more of a pollen taste to it. There is a bit of an aloe note. I am getting a bit of a fresh cream aftertaste too which is quite lovely. It’s definitely interesting but I need more time to “get” the whites, but I am liking what I’m tasting so far.

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