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I unfortunately badly over steeped this tea and the result was an unpleasantly bitter tasting cuppa. It was especially bad in the top of the steep, with a sort of burnt tasting note. The rest of the sip was good; classic chocolate flavour and a cooling mint finish. It just kind of tainted the whole mug though, and unfortunately drinking it felt a little bit more like a chore than a delight.

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Cold Brew!

Had this one yesterday while finishing the second season of The Politician. Ben Platt is amazing, and it was a very good second season. A little dialed back from the craziness of the first, but I actually thought it was perfect. I kind of hope there isn’t a third season – I felt like it ended in a really good place.

I liked this one a lot as a cold brew! Chocolate and mint very rarely make for a bad cold brew; it’s the perfect harmony of sweet profiles and cooling, crisp mint that feels ultra refreshing in this style. The mint really comes out in this cold brew though. Like, way more than the chocolate does. It has a nice punch of menthol, but that underlying sweetness of the chocolate to keep it from going into an unpleasant zone.


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Big thank you to Super Super Tea for sending this tin of tea to me for review!

I had it with my breakfast this morning, which happened to be a very rich and warm gooey cinnamon bun. It made for a very sweet overall start to my day, but it was decadent and indulgent combined with the tea.

I like mint and chocolate in tea a lot, but it’s actually been a while since I last had a really good one in my stash on a black tea base – lately I think most of the mint and chocolate I’ve had has been herbal or rooibos based! The dry leaf of this one smells amazing – it’s very potent and rich, with deep fudgey chocolate notes and a sweet, crisp peppermint. The only thing I can think of smelling this is Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip icecream but heavy on the chocolate…

Can’t wait to try it with milk or as a latte to really push it over the edge of decadence!


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