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Sipdown (572)!

So, I didn’t actually finish this off before I flew out to Montreal but I did get pretty close to finishing the bottle – I didn’t really want to get plastered though on any of my days off preceding flight day so it was hard to put a large dent in what was left. I did have two shots right before leaving for the airport though, so help settle my nerves and because I feel REALLY claustrophobic when I’m on planes.

Bottom line, though, I just felt uncomfortable shipping an open, partially full bottle of gin to Montreal through the mail and I certainly wasn’t going to attempt to take it with me on the plane – so any gin that might have been left over has essentially now just been gifted to my mom to use for whatever she’d like.

Mastress Alita

Now you know you have some tea-flavored gin waiting for you for family holidays.

Cameron B.

Hmmm Tom Collins with Earl Grey gin… I like this idea.


Ooooh my mam has been experimenting with making flavoured gin recently (gingerbread), maybe I’ll give this a go…

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Gin & Lemonade, from last night.

I packed my very last box last night, and we shipped everything out this morning that was still in the house – so don’t worry, you wont hear me ranting about packing for a while now. In fact, if anything, the next “moving” related news will probably be flight/arrival day and then after that unpacking…

It feels weird; I have basically nothing with me now. Which is super strange…

Anyway; I need to finish off this gin because I don’t want to have to transport it on the plane (I don’t know if I even CAN take it on the flight?!) which means that at some point between now and flight day I’m probably gonna get at least a little smashed. I put a nice dent in the bottle drinking Earl Grey Gin lemonades last night though; it’s a nice pairing. Gin is NOT a sweet spirit so it definitely balances the sugary nature of the lemonade. Still compliments though. Plus, of course, bergamot is a kind of citrus so it just naturally goes well with lemonade.

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This was used in the second tea cocktail I put together for our unofficial staff party; I went for the sort of “Gin Fog” flavour that I’ve done before with this gin, but a little more refined and also with more tea infused into it also.

So, the mix consisted of this gin, about a cup full of vanilla extract, a really hearty squeeze of agave, some milk, and then a Cream of Earl Grey (from DAVIDsTEA) tea concentrate made from six perfect spoons of tea steeped in 16 oz. of boiling water for eight minutes. This one also came out pretty potent, but unlike the Mango Fruit Punch mix I created you could DEFINITELY taste the alcohol in this one. You could also really taste the Earl Grey and Vanilla though, so it was super like a London Fog with that soft punch of alcohol.

I did share a bit of this one because I was proud of it and wanted everyone to taste it, but mostly I hoarded the whole pitcher of this one and drank it all night. And you know what, it kind of fucked me up. But I had a good time with it, and of all the things I could have drank to get really messed up this was really tasty.

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This one is from a Liquor Board haul like a week and a half ago.

I don’t drink nearly as often as I used to; something about living with two borderline alcoholics really killed the interest in it for me. However, I still have a deep appreciation for mixology and I love a good tea infused cocktail every now and then. When I saw this, I knew I had to grab it because the mixology potential was so vast! It’s made locally here in Saskatchewan, like the other tea infused liquor I own.

At first glance, EG and gin seems like a weird pairing to me but I’ve always maintained that gin compliments citrus really well and the bergamot that makes EG is, of course, a citrus fruit so I guess it’s not as weird as it seems initially.

My first tasting of this was in a “Gin Fog” – a London Fog inspired cocktail of my own creation. It was very, very smooth and creamy with a bit of bite to it. The orange component actually came through surprisingly clearly too. I greatly enjoyed it though and it’s something I’d definitely make again.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf4YLKdl6gN/?taken-by=ros_strange

Cocktail ingredients are listed in the photo caption.


Sounds awesome! I don’t really enjoy drinking much, never have, but I also love cocktails and even did a mixology certification course.

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