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Thanks to Amanda and the Traveling Tea Box for this obscure blend. This melange is certainly pretty, lots of hibiscus, ruby indeed though the liquor is like hot pink wine! Yep that’s hibiscus alright, relying much to heavily on it. I kinda get the blood oranges but really there is supposed to be pear in here? It reminds me a bit of Raspberry Zinger, minus the raspberry. So this is all zing and no fruit. Alright my tea cups are being stained pink, cannot have! Rowan has taken this tea and made a pink concoction with his raspberry lemonade and was about to add peanut butter. Oh three year olds. The lemonade blend is good though!


I love the name Rowan!
Some cool sounding teas coming out of this box!

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drank Victoria's Garden by Soul Infusion
1220 tasting notes

Another one from this place that is just a hibiscus tea, despite them saying it’s kiwi strawberry. I thought it didn’t seem to have the same ratio of hibiscus as the other one I got but tasting it, nope.

I guess there is strawberry, but there is this moment when I am drinking it when I just cringe from the hibiscus. First I think, this one will be okay, that’s strawberry with a slight note of kiwi. And then it’s like HAHAHA HIBISCUS and I want to cry, and then it calms back down.

Do not want.

I should have gotten black teas or something here instead of fruit teas. Then again, in the containers they did not look like hibiscus offenders (I have no problem with hibiscus when it’s not overpowering everything and slapping me in the tastebuds) and they smell great. I even cold steeped it because usually I like things with hibiscus as a major player cold steeped.

Actually after watering it down with some ice cubes, it starts to taste like kiwi strawberry. Still a bit too tart for my liking in the aftertaste, but it tastes like it’s supposed to after all. Just wish it was a bit more kiwi tasting.


I hate when hibiscus overwhelms everything else, I don’t know why some companies put in so darn much of it :/


I guess it’s just the go to cheap filler. I’d rather pay more for a tea to actually taste like strawberries and kiwis than have it filled with hibiscus. I think this one was $3.50 an ounce too, or $10 for 4 oz. Meanwhile I have a fruit tea with zero hibiscus that was $8.60 or so for 2 ounces of it, and it tastes just like its name.


I think tea blenders load on the hibiscus partly because the majority of tea drinkers load on the sugar and the sweet and tart would make the fruit flavor more convincing or more like juice. Hot unsweetened hibiscus at full strength is definitely not pleasant.

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drank Ruby Slipper by Soul Infusion
1220 tasting notes

Ok, giving this a second chance with a cold steep. I get a little orange, but for the most part it is still straight up hibiscus. Blah. There is no pear to be found certainly.

Now I really don’t want to try any of the other one I bought from here.

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drank Ruby Slipper by Soul Infusion
1220 tasting notes

Picked this up in little Sylva, NC, this weekend. What a cool place. I have never been to Asheville but I could tell that it definitely has an influence on this town. Now I really want to go to Asheville! But I figured that would be too much for just an afternoon trip so I will hold off and beg the boyfriend for a weekend.

I was hoping for a black tea version of this but they were out, so I was told this was similar. Of course it smelled like it, but sadly it doesn’t taste like blood orange or pear. It tastes like hibiscus and just hibiscus.

The color is just like the hibiscus tea I used to have, just hot pink. I was hoping for something similar to Tarocco Ruby Orange so that I could get a replacement once a year for it but instead I might be adding some of that to the rest of my ounce in order to get something other than hibiscus in here.

That’s all it is. Hibiscus. Thankfully I’ve gotten back into my phase of being able to enjoy it somewhat so there’s that. But it’s still sad because this wasn’t supposed to just taste like plain old hibiscus!

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