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I have been drinking this tea for around five years, maybe more. From what I understand, the tea was created by an Englishman who was given a short amount of time to live; however, he claims this special blend of herbs and tea saved his life. Why not drink it? I also have the green tea bags. I have tried the “original” flavoured with raspberry (it was a gift from the company)—I did not care for this as it was infused with stevia—I am not big on faux-sweetners, prefer cane sugar or honey. Sir Jason Winters’ Tea is my favourite!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

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I found Sir Jason Winters and his company online; the Web site described a healing cup of herbal tea and explained his story. Intrigued, I emailed them to find out if I could include him in a story on my blog. Not only did I get permission to do that – and access to Sir Raymond Winters, his son! – I was also sent a variety of their teas to try.

I have since finished the story – and am hooked on their teas. I am not just saying that because the company was so nice to me and the teas were free. I’m saying this as a fan! I wrote the story for my blog here:

Now, with all that disclaimer out of the way, on to the rating.

I have the bagged tea version of this (but am in the process of ordering the loose tea for myself). So while it is bagged, and pre-brewed (check out my story why), it is very tasty.

First off, I taste a strong oolong/black tea base. Second, the herbal taste: it’s hard to describe. Kinda minty, kinda soothing, refreshing, etc. This tastes like spiced tea – but it’s not overly spiced, for those of you who don’t care for spiced tea. The ingredients in SJW tea is trademarked and relatively secret, but I can tell you that after enjoying a cuppa SJW I feel more energized. I have the other varieties to rate as well (Raspberry and Peach are delicious).

I don’t recommend multiple infusions; also, I steep for the length of the cup, while SJW recommends 1-2 minutes. I like a bold, hearty, strong tea – and SJW’s Original Blend achieves that when I steep it as long as I want.

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