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Cold Brew!

This tea gave me an immediate feeling of deja vu from the moment I took my first sip and it’s absolutely killing me that I haven’t been able to place why. I feel like it’s some deeply root childhood memory of some kind of pineapple juice box or something I would have gotten in a school lunch.

Aside from that persistent sense of familiarity, this was a pretty enjoyable tea. It’s very pineapple forward – and the kind of super natural/realistic pineapple that kind of “has some stank on it”. Know that I mean that in the nicest way possible – but it’s just that sometimes tropical fruits have this kind of waxy body odor taste to them that can be a turn off to people. Sometimes it is for me as well, but this wasn’t too strong and so more than anything it just read to me as super natural and tangy pineapple. I didn’t get a lot of peach, but I did get some ginger in the undertones and I really liked the pineapple/ginger combination. It was refreshing and broke up some of the stronger fruity flavours a lot more for me without being “too much” or having a distracting amount of spice. I actually buy a spicy pineapple soda that I love and, while the style of pineapple flavour is really different, the creeping heat of the ginger in the backdrop was similar and the overall “vibe” was sort of Jamaican leaning like that soda that I love so much.

Weirdly my gut feeling is that I’ll like this tea more hot, so I’m excited to try it that way and experiment. However, it’s unique and I thought the cold brew was tasty too!

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Really love the straight forwardness of this blend! It’s basically your standard brisk and full bodied tannic and malty breakfast black tea but with just a kiss of a more cooked blueberry type of note. I had this cup straight and plain and I found it really lovely with a powerful overall flavour yet a gentle hand when it came to that flavour addition. I think it would be exceptional with milk and a tiny, tiny bit of sugar or honey though!

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