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drank Peach Iced Tea by Revolution Doughnuts
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Yes, this tea is so good I have to log it on here. Or I have a problem. But really, it’s delicious.

A beer store in Decatur had my absolute favorite summer beer (as I have probably shouted about before, WATERMELON WHEAT BEER.) for growler filling, and they happen to be located next to a donut shop…a donut shop I helped fund with Kickstarter so I could pick up half a dozen for my donation plus a drink.

Their only iced tea is peach iced tea, and I am so psyched it actually wasn’t immediately sweet from added sugar! And it’s marvelous! I should have asked how they make it but I’m sure I’ll be back at some point and I can find out. I can’t even tell what kind of black tea it is in the first place, because it tastes more like I’m drinking a peach with a black tea aftertaste. And yet seriously it’s not that sweet. It’s blowing my mind.

My first thought was of course that it’s just flavoring, but it tastes too good for that, and it seems a bit peach colored. It’s definitely not syrup. So I wonder if they actually put peach into it…faints.

I ate a donut in the car and I felt like such a mess but it was so worthwhile. I was starving. I’m trying to keep the other five to take up to my parents but I don’t know if they will make it.


LOL fun read!


lol best of all the donut i chose…salted caramel with crumbled bacon on top. couldn’t have picked a messier one.

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