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This made a refreshing cup. The on the initial sip I tasted a chemical wang but as the tea cooled a little the soft apricot flavor came through. The green tea was mild with little astringency. Good for nights when I want a lot of tea but also would like to sleep later.

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“chemical wang” lol! Sounds like a band name.

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Let’s start with the smell. It smells so chocolate-y and spicy and fruity. I was really looking forward to drinking this. Then while it was brewing, it smelled like hot chocolate with fruity spicy flavors. I let this steep for a good long while since I wanted maximum flavor. I knew I’d be adding milk and sugar.
At first sip, I was greeted by the slight burn from the spice. Then, a nice full chocolate flavor with a sour fruity finish. I was startled by the sourness. It seemed out of place with chocolate. Then I added my evaporated milk and honey and I got sort of used to the sour. It, however, remained a minor background buzzing that I couldn’t quite ignore. Hmm…I’d say this would be pretty near perfect if not for the fruity sourness. I’d consider getting more, but I’ll have to explore my options some more. :) I need to find that perfect chocolate spice herbal tea!

Thanks for sending this teataku!

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drank Petal Pedal by Red Stick Spice
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I am well acquainted with the owners of Red Stick Spice. When they told me I had to try this tea because it had won first place at a tea-tasting competition in California, I agreed that that sounded like a good idea. Let me tell you, I was very skeptical about the idea of rooibos and mint together. The tea spoke volumes for itself, however. It smells mostly of mint, with only a little of the musky-nutty rooibos scent, and the other flowers nonexistent. However, when you steep it, the flavor of each component somehow comes to life, like children standing in a line on the stage of a school play. You can see each one of them distinctly, each bringing their own drama and quirks. It totally amazed me that the mint, normally known for being a strong flavor, was so subtle and accommodating to the other flavors. This will be one of the permanent denizens of my tea shelf.

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Wow! I never thought they would, but I was never involved in their personal lives. I’m sure they did what made sense for them. As far as the new owner goes, it looks like she’s going to take the company to some good places! I’ll have to go by there again soon. :)


I met the new owner Anne today. She seems very nice. Purchased some peach oolong to try. :)

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