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This is one of my favorite drinks, especially in the morning or when I need a little afternoon energy. I pour boiling water on it and it becomes smooth and flavorful with no powder chunks, so the other reviewer might have had an old batch, or didn’t pour hot enough water into it. Adding a small amount of honey or other sweetener is tasty. The almond drink is a good bit of protein when you want more than clear tea, and adds a rich flavor to coffee or cocoa. It is hard to find this drink in the US, so I have ordered it right from Taiwan because it is so good! One of my friends brought it from Taiwan for me and I’ve enjoyed it ever since for 8 years.

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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I received a few packets of this tea from my friend. The smell is great and reminds me of almond cookies and marzipan. The packet recommends 160cc of water which is 5.4 fl oz with each packet. I put about 9 ounces in because these types of teas (milky powder teas) are usually concentrated. The taste was very weak and the powder was chunky and didn’t seem to dissolve no matter how much I stirred.

I will try this again at the recommended ~6 ounce water ratio, but there is a lot of powder in the packet and I don’t have high hopes since the liquid was very bland.

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