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drank Black Lemon by Princess Noori
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A gift from Russia, reminds me of my childhood in Russia (appropriately). I find it a bit mild compared to the strong black teas I remember, but nothing to complain about. The lemon flavor goes well with the notes of the tea and overall I find this to be a pleasant beverage for a weekend morning.

Flavors: Lemon

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drank Earl Grey by Princess Noori
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drank Earl Grey by Princess Noori
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Ancient Alphabet challenge – E

I really enjoyed this tea years ago! A 96 rating! Now it seems like the fantastic bergamot flavor is completely gone. Even though I thought I steeped this up a couple months ago and there was a little bit of bergamot flavor. hmm. It’s worth it for the black tea anyway! I’d buy this to restock, if I could find it.

Martin Bednář

Princess Noori is Russian company if I am not mistaken. So, I guess it will be hard to get them nowadays. But good luck anyway§

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drank Earl Grey by Princess Noori
4073 tasting notes

Thank you Nicole! I’m always willing to try any Earl Grey. The leaves here are so small they almost look like a CTC but I don’t think they are small enough. The fragrance of the dry leaves smells like bergamot but steeping it seems different. The flavor is nice though! It reminds me of grapefruit more than most EGs. The black base is surprisingly smooth — no astringency after three minutes. Really a perfect base for the bergamot…. but I like a LOT of bergamot. The second steep for three minutes seems to have more bergamot. Somehow there is almost something creamy about this, but it isn’t an EG Cream. I think any EG has the magical ability to make my mood instantly better on the first sip. Can I drink a billion more cups of this today?

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drank Earl Grey by Princess Noori
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I got this today at a local shop that sells Russian goods. The package is all in Russian except for the side I took the picture of. :) Here’s a picture of the Russian side:

When I opened this, it was holy-cow-bergamot! It’s a pleasant, mild tea with a great bergamot flavor. And the price was definitely right. I think I probably have come to prefer cream Earl Greys, but this one will be used up for sure.

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The side you photographed in Russian says:
“Select Black Tea
Princess Noori
Earl Grey
Distinctive Taste – Excellent Quality”
The seal says: “Genuine Fresh Tea”, though I’m not certain about the word fresh, it’s hard to make out.


Thanks for the translation, Kaylee! My husband was taking Russian classes but had to stop soon after starting due to work issues, so he wasn’t much help :)

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BB # 9 for today!
I received this in a swap – I think it was Amanda – so sorry if I mis-noted, tho!

I will have to say this was super hard to figure out because it’s in Russian!

After some creative googling I think I found the correct one! Raspberry flavored black – Princess Noori!

It smells good! A slight raspberry flavor does fill the air surrounding the tea cup after steeping.

It brews up very dark brown.

There is a medium black tea base…a bit on the mellow of the medium side. The Raspberry tastes slightly artificial but not overly-so and it sits on top of the black tea base. As it cools at room temp for a moment it fades into the black tea base a bit more and settles at a harmonious medium flavored black tea.

Overall I do like this! This is my fist Princess Noori Tea and I hope to someday try some more! This is a nice bagged tea but I’m not going to lie…I can’t wait to get a hot water source for the office! It has to happen soon! I miss my Loose Leaf already!


yes, that is it and that was from me! I always mean to look at the other ones when I go to this market but there is an entire aisle of Eastern European teas and it’s dangerous.

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A review of Flavoured Apple Tea by Princess Noori

It is nice to return to some newly found favorite teas, like this Flavoured Apple. I have been fortunate to enjoy it as a hot cup of tea quenching my thirst, whilst pleasing my senses and palette with its aroma. As iced tea I was only daring enough to add slice of lime to it. When brewed cold or properly chilled, this tea is like wine, very crisp wine with that drying effect to the back of the throat.

I only have a few tea bags remaining and today wanted a cup of this tea, hot as usual. And while trying to view the tea box I realized for the first time that this tea expired twice it would seem. One date is 07/2010 and another date is 01/2012. I purchased this tea from Bazaar International Gourmet: Royal Delicacies at Peasant Prices. The tea box, all but the title and brief wording in English is in Russian characters and I cannot read the characters either but few numeric terms and on front of box the tea’s name and type. There is a website:

This reminds me of when I last visited The Tea Leaf in Waltham, MA and I purchased this Oolong tea with apple flavoring which was absent from mine cup, if recalling correctly. Anyhow, that tea had expired as well, must be why it was so inexpensive. Oh, well you pay for what you get. And this tea is very pleasing to me, so it was worth the price, and yes I would purchase it again.

I take one of the remaining tea bags and put it in my large mug from Stash Tea of Portland, Oregon and I fill this mug with fresh hot boiling water and placing the cover on the mug to leave it to steep for five minutes. The apple scent is wonderfully crisp, like one of those tart crunchy green apples. It is very nice.

Tea for me is my breakfast; it is my start and end to the day. What I mean is that one cup of tea can make it for an excellent day to an absolute downer of a day if not good tea or a good day.

I take the tea over to the table and remove the saucer from it and placing it underneath the cup. Wow, the aroma of the apple mixed with this Ceylon tea which is a brightly reddish-brown infusion and when tasted the tea’s liquor is creamy and smooth with that drying effect upon swallowing.

Overall, it is as written on tea’s box: Excellent Apple Flavoured Ceylon Black Tea with apples pieces.
-—a brief history of Ceylon now (Sri Lanka)
It is not surprising to find out that Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon drank only coffee, they are now highly regarded black tea importers; beginning with when a parasite destroyed the island’s crop, a famous British grocery magnate by the name of Thomas Lipton decided to convert several of the plantations to tea growing instead. And his tea plantations grew to employ some 10,000 people. Being, that he was a marketing genius, Lipton knew to promote his product with no middle-man; so his campaign as well as his name is still synonymous with “tea” and his marketing statement of “direct from the tea garden to the tea pot” is considered by many to be ingenious and some tea merchants/sellers continue to use his tea slogan.

One that I can think of is: Harney and Sons; three generations of tea blenders. And an island nation once famed for importing coffee is now one of the largest exporters of tea.

If anything is to be said of this reviewer and her teas, it is that she exclaims enjoyment as well as disenchantment when met. As in this instance, it was pure enjoyment with this Ceylon Apple Flavoured Tea.

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This sounds yummy!

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A review of Flavoured Apple Tea by Princess Noori

I enjoy returning to this tea since it is such a very lively cup of tea. It just seems to hit all of the right notes.

It is a clean tea and when brewed its color is very bright golden color. And the tea’s aroma is that of crisp apples. One can feel and taste the crunchiness as when biting into an apple.

Overall, this tea is very lively and clean. The lasting taste is that of apple flavoured tea. Exquisite flavor and aroma!

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More reviews of Flavoured Apple Tea by Princess Noori

There is simpleness in the making of this tea. It is so lovely and lively.
I took several tea bags of this tea and placed in a pan filled with cold water and left to boil for a good five minutes. I then let the tea cool for nearly an hour, removing the bags while it cooled.

The Flavoured apple scent is heady to say the least. I then take a tall glass and fill it with crushed ice and pour some of the tea into my cup and I add a sliver of lime just to spice it up a bit. Not that is needed.

The tea’s color is a dark, golden liquor with the heaviness of the apple flavor and with the scent of the lime this makes it more fruity.

This tea is already a full body with a good and strong character. It has no off taste. The creaminess of the Ceylon mixed with the apple makes for a smooth cup of tea. A lively bouquet is the final tasting note.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 30 sec

Apple and lime—sounds wonderful on a hot day!


I was going for tart acidity. Or morbidity if of that mind set. Thank you I think?

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Review: Flavoured Apple Tea by Princess Noori & Earl Grey Tea by Akbar

I have admitted to liking this Earl Grey by Akbar as well as the Flavoured Apple Tea. I had been enjoying my first cup of this Earl Grey earlier in the day. I took one tea bag and having let the water come to full boil I poured the water into my cup and let it simmer. I drank the first cup hotly and the tea’s aroma smells wonderfully raw and robust. For some reason I thought to add a bag of the Flavoured Apple to this tea just to find out if I would continue enjoying this tea. I added the boiling water to the tea and left it to steep for several minutes.

Now, I smell more of the apple scented tea and some of the bergamot citrus oil is coming through as well. Tea is darker in color; darken amber and is piping hot. I take a sip and let it roll around and swallowed abruptly since very hot.

I waited a few minutes before taking another sip and this time I am able to enjoy the flavors of apple and bergamot; this tea is smoother and smell wonderful. I would say I am enjoying what is in my cup more because the apple flavoured is so noticeable with this mixture in the tea’s layering.

These two tea bags are malty, creamy and smooth with good heft all around. And there is a muscatel effect to it with the adding of the apple-flavoured tea.
I like this combination as it works for my taste buds.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 30 sec

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A review: Flavoured Apple Tea by Princess Noori purchased from Bazaar International Grocers of Brookline, MA.

This is an excellent Apple Flavoured Ceylon Tea with Apple Pieces.
Place 1 tea bag in a cup and filled with boiling water and let steep from 3-5 minutes.

Having placed one tea bag into my cup and pouring the boiling hot water into the cup I noticed how as the water is touching the bag the color of tea is dispersing at once; very dark amber or more specifically the color of wooded mahogany. And the fragrant aroma of the apple is dispensed at once as well.

It is difficult for me to cover the cup and leave it to steep as it is unfolding too fast. But I place the covering on the cup and leave it alone for five minutes or so.

This is Ceylon black tea and I am reminded that Ceylon teas are from Sri Lanka; the pearl of the Indian Ocean and known for its diverse cultures and scenery.

A bit of Sri Lankan history:
One of the many names by which Sri Lanka was known in the past is “Serendib” from the word “Serendipity” is derived and was to have been coined by Horace Walpole to mean “The faculty of making happy discoveries by accident”. One of the happy discoveries the pioneer planters in the latter part of the 19th Century discovered is the effect of the diverse climates on the production of tea. And it is this serendipitous discovery that has resulted in an array of fine teas which are unique to each agro climatic district and not to be found anywhere else in the world, but also not to found in the other agro climatic districts of Sri Lanka.

What all this means to a tea drinker and semi tea reviewer like myself is that I am drinking very good tea and the climate from which teas are derived are static in that what is found in one location produces a very different cup than what is found in the same district but perhaps miles away is of another climate.

I am not sure if New England weather would equate with our concepts and saying: if you don’t like this weather right now as it might be pouring rain one minute and driest the next…some would say just drive down to the next town and see if you like it better over there.

I must remember to note that the history that I have shared on Sri Lankan tea comes from my little treasured book on Ceylon Tea that I had purchased from Upton Tea Imports earlier this year. The Sri Lankan Tea Board put this book together. Website:

Anyhow; I must return to the business at hand, which is to review this Flavoured Apple Tea. Tea’s aroma is a lovely and smells of tart apple; that green and crunchy apple that one cannot wait to bite into. The tea’s coloring is like a dark-mahogany or rosewood.

In tasting the tea, I find it is a delight to have. One can tell right away from the nosing effect of the tea and its color if it will be liked or not. So when it comes time to taste it; the salivating effect is then quenched with the first sipping of the tea.

I am so happy to be having this tea since nothing more is needed. From viewing the tea bag one can discern the flavoring and scent of the tea. And when it is tasted there is no disappointment for this reviewer.

Tea has a good heft; it is a fully rounded-bodied tea, which is smooth and malty in taste. I have been able to enjoy several cups of this tea using same tea bag and it stands to be reckoned with each cup.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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