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This tea was kindly gifted to me by Plentea to try out and review!

I’m not really a huge Chai drinker, as you all know, but I was curious about this one because cardamom is so high up on the ingredient list – followed by clove. Both of these are are spices I have a stronger preference towards, so it seemed promising!

Brewed up the tea liquor is thick and cloudy for the strong concentration of spices in the blend. This is one of those teas that kind of screams “try me as a latte” – it’s clearly intended to be bold enough to hold up substantially well to the richness of milk. It’s a lot of spices, and I feel like I had a “couple of sips” long adjustment period as I got used to the strong notes of aromatic, citrus-y cardamom, bold clove, and peppery ginger.

The cardamom was my favourite part of other tea that they sent for me to try, Vicious Apple, and it’s really great here too – strong with great clarity of flavour and that well rounded warming spice, camphor, and citrus flavour that I love. I would personally prefer less ginger and pepper, but that’s strongly just a person aversion to those notes in Chai and I think the cardamom/clove are both substantial enough that they make up for the elements I’m less immediately attracted to.

Next up is to make this one up as a latte – stovetop, preferably!

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Cold Brew!

This was so delicious as a cold brew – but I knew it would be. Kind of a sweet and sour, very punchy and intense apple flavour that reminds me sort of Jolly Ranchers, however it’s matched by a nice spicy cardamom undertone and finish that offsets that lively sour twang. Really refreshing, vibrant and just full of life and flavour.

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Been on an apple kick this week, probably because of the turn of the season. Apple is a good summer to autumn transitional flavour. This was one of several late night apple teas from this weekend/early week. Such a vibrantly fresh and juicy green apple note but with the cardamom spice. Loving it!

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Big thank you to Plentea Tea Bar for sending this tea for me to try and review!

It’s been hot this week so I’ve been having a lot of iced tea at the office, including my first tasting of this blend. It actually capped off a very long feeling work day, so it was a nice way to transition into the evening! The apple flavour is so crisp, sweet and punchy and the mix of warming Autumnal spices is the perfect contrast, even in the summer!! I’m a huge fan of cardamom in fruit blends, so I love that it really comes through here! The tea very much reminds me of cracking open a hard cider after a long work day and just enjoying it on the front porch; there are very few things that can top how refreshing those first couple of sips are!

If anyone is curious and wants to order, they gave me the discount code “Roswell15” for 15% off until end of June – I don’t benefit personally in any way from people ordering, so no pressure. Just a nice perk if this, or any of the other blends, have piqued your interest.


Not gonna lie, I had way too much fun with the colour matching here. We recently redid the backyard/garden area of our office and there’s just so many great photo spots now.

Song Pairing:

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drank Chai It Out by Plentea Tea Bar
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#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #57 overall / Tea #24 for February

Wednesday 2/17 — Pulled this out to have for Mastress Alita #2021steepstersipdown prompt on Feb 1 (“Monday, February 1st: National Freedom Day / Black History Month – If you have a tea from a black-owned business (check out this highly recommended thread!:, drink it today! Alternatively, drink a favorite black tea!”).

Last two DAVIDsTEA perfect spoons brewed with milk + water on stovetop & had with my breakfast. Delightful latte treat I’ve been sipping on the last few weeks making it the same way each time until the tea was gone today.

So this is my description 2/17/21 as I put this in the steepster system…This is a traditional black tea chai from Plentea Tea Bar located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. I was able to select between black and rooibos base (I chose black) and what extra ingredient (I chose cardamom pods), and they put it in a bag with a chai spice bases of their own. I bought this bag in October 2019.

#tiffanydrinkstea #tiffanys2021 #tiffanysfaves #tiffanyinthe614 #tiffanysteasipdown #sipdownchallenge


That’s such a fun idea!

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