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If you are a fan of floral teas, specifically jasmine, then this is the tea for you. Relatively well priced and very noticeable jasmine scent / floral notes. The green tea part doesn’t stand out much though and it comes out more brown than green. It does have a nice flavor though. I myself am unsure whether or not I like floral teas yet so I can’t say “i love it” quite yet.

Flavors: Floral, Jasmine

3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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First of all – I’m drinking this one (FINALLY) only because, quite frankly, I’m sick of looking at it in my yet-to-be-tried box. I received this in a swap a REALLY LONG time ago!

2nd…my infused tea – looks NOTHING like this picture.

And 3rd…I AM a fan of Adagio’s Foxtrot but not-so-much this one. At first I thought they just repackaged it but it IS different…somehow…not sure HOW…but it seems to be, anyways.

This has little to NO mint. I cannot taste the rooibos (Actually I didn’t notice ANY in there anyways). And it seems to be all about the Chamomile…and not very good chamomile at that.

It doesn’t taste bad – but it isn’t very impressive, either.

Ho Hum.


We love this Chamomile / Rooibos mix. I think the statement “I received this in a swap a REALLY LONG time ago!” may sum it up. While this mixture will not “go bad” it will certainly change in taste and liquor hue if allowed to get old.
I do appreciate the tester stating that the tea she was reviewing was “old” but then to cut the drink down???
She could have at least titled the review “Old Foxtrot Herbal Chamomile…” instead of “Foxtrot Herbal Chamomile…”.
It hurts the reviewers credibility.

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I had a small sample of this for my first cuppa the day today and I really enjoyed it! It was a medium strength black but the thing that stood out to me on this Irish Breakfast was the fact that there was an incredible creaminess to it…it even smelled like and tasted like it had cream in it. It was very smooth…but…creamy-smooth. This was a very good Irish Breakfast!

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drank Fruit Medley by Our Home Tea
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I have been holding off on this one for a while…because it’s a pure straight-up fruity herbal. Those often scare me! I just finished my infusion. it’s neat pink-orange-red-brown color. But I can already tell it’s fruit, and tart, and hibiscus! Ekkkk!
Bottoms up…

Oddly enough…the beginning or the sip is smooth but the end of the sip is a fruity squeaker! Yes, I said it! A Squeaker! The tartiness squeaks out right at the end of the sip! Almost a last harrah type thing…

I really thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this – thinking it would be all tart and nothing else…but it’s almost smooth (until that squeak at the end!) but since I am still drinking it and really surprised at this – I will score it fairly high…especially since I am one that is usually scared about fruity herbals! WOW! it’s drinkable. YAY! Pleasant surprise!!!!


Yay! I have a small tin of this lying around that I haven’t tried yet, but it smells less tart than my other fruity herbals, which is a good sign! I am not a big fan of hibiscus, LOL.


Me either…as I am getting to the end of the cup and as it cools the tart flavor is coming out more…so maybe understeep…if you are like me with the tart and hibiscus!?


I don’t understand why companies have to add hibiscus— IMHO it’s disdainful.


Hah! I add extra hibiscus to this! I guess that makes me the odd one out.


Awww guys, I love me some hibiscus! It goes great with certain things, such as pomegranate! You guys are cutting me deep :( haha


Heh, I don’t hate hibiscus. I just am not a fan of teas where that’s the primary ingredient…for example, Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger…blargh!


You might not hate it Shanti, but I do! Death to hibiscus!

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The color is brilliant! Reddish-Brown! Lovely! The scent is out of this world! Peachy and a tinge of ginger! You can still taste the black tea but also the flavors! This is a nice tea! A Delight!


I love ginger peach teas! Gonna have to try this one.


I appreciate the ginger NOT taking over! :P


I’m glad to hear that this one is better than Adagio’s. I HATED Adagio’s Black Ginger Peach. Blech!

Brunette on the Net

Can’t wait to try it !

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I bought this tea only because my long-time favorite Darjeeling Poobong White from SpecialTeas had been out of stock for a few months and SpecialTeas didn’t know if they were gonna restock it and when…

The description and the price seemed very similar to SpecialTea’s and since I was having White Darjeeling cravings I purchased 4 oz at once. Well… it’s not the same tea, unfortunately.
It sure has Darjeeling notes I love so much but it is somewhat soapy and lacks complexity. Also the leaf brews extremely lightly and a lot of it needed to get a decent flavored tea which makes it even more expensive than it is.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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