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drank Silver Needle by Oteao
177 tasting notes

Hmm, my stash of this is getting a bit dark. It’s my fault; I know I’m too stuck on Mu Tan to warrent large Yin Zhen purchases. There’s a surprising lime taste gradually taking over the general “fruity berry” note. It’s not bad but it’s not what I want when I make silver needle.

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drank Bay of Bengal by Oteao
93 tasting notes

(…funny. I just declared my hatred of Ceylon tea some minutes ago and then I grabbed a random bag of tea from Thomas package. And this was it: A Ceylon)

Well for starters, the leafs are different.
Long and thin. Brown and green.

The liquid is brown-ish and very clear/transparent. It smells like a ceylon:
Heavy aromatic smell with a hint of… oolong smell. Does that make sense? Oolong has a sour smell to it, does it not?

It taste like ceylon when it hit the tongue, but as as it rolls down the notes becomes very oolong.

I am confused but also pleased.

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