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drank Blink Bonnie by Orient Organics
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I have decided that this week is sample finishing week. Seven days, seven samples. (At least)

I haven’t the foggiest where this one came from, and I’ve had it for a while. One of those that at first are standing around because I haven’t got to that one yet, or I wasn’t in the mood for something new or whatever other reason, and after a while it’s standing there untried but becoming more and more invisible, because I’ve simply stopped looking it it. The tin is familiar, it no longer stands out as something new and untested.

Therefore, it seemed a good place to start today. The only thing I know about it is that one of you lot must have sent it to me.

The leaves are funny! They’re twisted into these long spear-like shapes, almost two centimeters long! I dithered a bit on how to brew it and how many of those spears would constitute my normal teaspoon-measured amount. Eventually I just gave up and used ALL the leaf, less water and a start steep of 30 seconds. That takes care of that problem. I also couldn’t work out if it was a green or a green type oolong. On Steepster it’s listed as a green tea, but on the tin whoever it was of you wrote green/oolong. So what temperature to use? Again, I compromised and chose the temperature in the middle of the two. Ha, you can’t fool me, Blink Bonnie!

The result is an amber coloured cup of tea that smells remarkably sweet. It has that honey-y, sugar-y sort of aroma that I’ve found really enjoyable in other teas. It’s not quite the same as those, but it’s definitely leaning in that direction. There is also an additional note to the aroma here which strikes me as peculiarly bready. So honey, sugar and bread. Is this a cup of tea or is it a liquid cake?

Since I’ve had this for so long and never tried it, I had some thoughts as to how much the leaves had faded. Especially when doing these short steeping things, how much of the flavour would have been lost? I honestly wasn’t expecting to find all that much when tasting this one. Unfortunately I think it has faded some, because I’m getting most of the flavour just on the swallow and in the aftertaste.

What I’m getting there is surprisingly milky. It reminds me a little of milk oolongs, only not as creamy as them. It’s quite sweet and completely contrary to the aroma, the main flavour note here is something kind of vegetal as well as a sort of dark nutty note that makes me decide that I think this is more oolong than green.

It’s hard for me to really get any closer than this. It’s a shame that I didn’t try this one sooner, becuase I rather suspect I may have missed out a bit. On the other hand, although my primary suspicion for the very subtle flavour here is the fading of the leaves with age, I can’t be entirely certain that this is not actually supposed to be this way. A bit vague and fleeting rather than full and flavoursome. Some teas are meant to be that way, and they tend not impress me much, if at all.

This means that the full flavour experience here could have been really high or really mediocre (according to my preferences) and I haven’t the first clue which end of the scale it’s actually supposed to be at. Therefore we are placing it squarely in the middle with a good 70-ish points.

Tina S.

Wow, that is a really interesting looking tea! I loved your review of it, too.

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Dax sent this along for the Replacement TTB and I asked if I could try 1 small sample since I have never had anything from this company before. The rest will be traveling around the world via the TTB 1.2 soon!

Post infusion the liquid is quite murky and isn’t much for aroma but I will tell you if you like crisp tasting greens – you’ll want to try this! it has a nice earthy yet buttery flavor.

The after taste is a little broccoli-like but lucky for me…I like broccoli! :)

2 min, 0 sec

Hey, for volunteering to put a replacement together, you are TOTALLY entitled to try the contributions out first.


LOL – Thanks Angrboda! I wasn’t sure if anyone would be upset about that! LOL


You’re having shipping expenses twice. It would be unfair if you didn’t get the benefits twice also.


I guess that IS one way of looking at it! :) Just didn’t want anyone to be mad…and I wouldn’t finishing anything off, ya know! teahee


Wow, it’s lost? That’s so sad. Bet it shows up three months from now. That happened to me with an ebay purchase once, after I’d already asked the guy to give me back my money.

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This is too much. I’ve steeped this Golden Monkey from Orient Organics four times — each time a great cup of tea. It’s just a wonderful flavor, as described in detail in an earlier note. First steep was just cooled a bit from boiling. The rest were boiling water. The times were 2, 4, 6, and 10 min. The rating had to go up.

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The wavy, golden dry tea consists almost entirely of buds and has a toasty, earthy scent. Medium amber liquor has the haziness which comes from many, fine leaf-hairs suspended in the tea. It is self-drinking, biscuity, sweet caramel, with a crisp chocolate finish. There’s a nice spiciness in the finish and aftertaste. Second steep at 4 min was equally smooth and rich, and a bit sweeter than the first. Definitely high quality tea!


Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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