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drank Pouchong Snowcap by One Babo
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Coworker and I ordered bubble tea earlier last week.

This was interesting. It’s definitely fresh brewed tea, and the pouchong seemed pretty decent quality. Floral, fresh and a bit buttery with sort of shae butter nuttiness and some very, very light minerality. The “snowcap” was probably the least sweet snow cap/cheese foam that I’ve ever gotten with a boba before, but I actually appreciated it a lot because the more cheesecake-like taste it can sometimes have would have felt really unbalanced with this oolong. Instead it just added a whole lot of richness from the straight cream flavour!

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This was the second bubble tea shop at the tea festival yesterday, though they were also serving a full menu of different tea infused food items!

I didn’t really grab a proper bite to eat until late into the afternoon, after we had finished our live recording of the DT podcast. So by the time we got to this booth they had actually sold out of most of their flavours. I have to give them major credit because this tea originally was supposed to have an ingredient in it that I’m allergic to and they very kindly went out of their way to prepare it for me without that inclusion. I know that accommodating allergies isn’t always the most convenient thing to do, especially in a festival setting where so much has to be prepared in advance.

The peach flavour of this bubble tea was very nice, though quite mild. It erred more of a floral peach than anything bright and juicy, and I thought it worked with what was obviously a more green and lightly oxidized oolong. I didn’t like this one quite as much as the Pineapple Oolong bubble tea I got from Ocha but it was also really refreshing! I thought it was really nice that both places had incorporated a discernible about of actual tea and real fruit into their drinks!

Bubble tea wasn’t the only thing I got from One Babo though! As I mentioned, this was kind of my lunch break so I also picked up two tea eggs and a sweet potato porridge that was made with Tie Guan Yin oolong in place of water. To be honest the porridge was a little bland for me, though I did feel like there was a distinct TGY minerality and nuttiness so I appreciated its inclusion and found it very interesting even if it wasn’t necessarily my favourite. However, the tea eggs were MIND BLOWING. They were so well seasoned and flavourful, and the marbling was beautiful. I really, really wish I had though to take a picture of that before scarfing them down…

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