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This was another sample from my MIL, it is one of her favorites. It was ok, not strong enough for my taste. It had a good flavor, just not enough of it. I think I will stick with tazo passion over this. But if you don’t like the strength of tazo passion then you should definitely try this one!

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Came across this sample teabag included in an order from iHerb, and decided to try it before it disappeared again under a bunch of papers on the table. It was surprisingly good, too – enough that I’d be glad to have a box around for tired night rooibos drinking! I’m not sure if the stevia could get a touch bitter if it were left too long (does it do that, or is it only quality/amount that makes it bitter sometimes?), but the citrus and vanilla flavours were lovely, and the extra touch of sweetness was nice too. I wouldn’t have minded a stronger rooibos taste, but this was smooth, tasty, and very easy to drink.

ETA – the not so good news is that it left a slightly unpleasant, artificial aftertaste, which lingered for a while. Must be the stevia, as everything is organic. Pity!


just checking in to see how you’re doing this holiday season…hope all is well in your world!

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Hiiscus Tea is supposed to be good for your health and weightloss. I dont know is that is true, but the smell and taste of this tea will make drinking one or more glasses of this a day be wonderful… who cares if it works as this is a tasty caffeine free tea…

Reminds me of the better Rainbow Roobois I have had…

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