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drank Dark Tresure tea by Nightingale
93 tasting notes

The weather is grey. I need to recharge, so I took a bag of this out (I only have 5 left).

I am thinking of changing my rating system. Normally I just look at the smileys, check what tea I think is better or worser than the tea I am rating and rate after that.

But what tea would go to 100 points?
An extraordinary one I guess. Like this one.
I can’t pin down why it’s so good. It just is. There is so much going on in the mug. A sour/maltyness that reminds me of coffee, a saltyness that should be disgusting but instead taste pleasant. A certain depth. Someone wrote “They keep saying that this taste like wet stones, but what does wet stones taste like?” To me the taste of wetstone would be like the taste of the air in a sauna. This tea has a note of that.

If I read this: “This tea taste malty, sour and salty with a hint of wetstone”…
Well I wouldn’t buy it. But it taste great!

100 it is.

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drank Dark Tresure tea by Nightingale
93 tasting notes

Angrboda has a tea, that she calls her celebrating tea.
I guess this is my celebrating tea. When I feel like spoiling myself, I take this out.
It’s just ubër.

Where to start? The color is beautifull.
It’s Red/Golden. A truly red tea, living up to the name “Big Red Rope”. Love the name, it gives it a very ancient feeling ;) The smell is hard to descibe. It somehow reminds me of coffee and yet not at all! I guess the closest thing to descibing the smell would be dirt/musk/salt/coffee/brown cake. Confussing? Indeed.

The taste is not less confusing.
I earlier reviewed a ceylon tea by perchs claiming it didn’t taste of anything. Well, it didn’t, it only taste like tea without any notes of anything else. Well, this tea is not flavoured (alike ceylon) but it’s a oolong. It taste like a black tea, but unlike ceylon it has a distictive note of something else. It’s sweet and sour like coffee? I don’t know if you tasted LU Bastogne, but it’s like that, only its salty/sour instead.

Never tried oversteeping this one. Love it <3

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